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1. as the limited budget had been available to conduct the survey therefore questionnaire survey method changed into idea as suitable approach to behavior survey at PVE. It became very clean to control the cost, time and efforts together. simplest one time printing of questionnaire changed into carried out allotted some of the employees. The costs were cheap.2. The questionnaires were disbursed a few of the employees within a brief time and all the personnel were to be had at the store floor of PVE. most effective few have been to be contacted in extraordinary hours due shift responsibilities. hence the questionnaire survey technique was discovered the quickest method to get responses of employees inside quick time frame.three. records approximately any individual or management is very easy to achieve because people can give responses without displaying their identification. If some records is difficult to get from the employees or any entity then taken into consideration the exceptional method.4. information turned into acquired without problems from those personnel who had been extra engaged of their jobs and availability of time was not ensured. For these employees the questionnaire was to be stuffed at their ease. in this way there has been no more burden at the personnel to deliver facts in stipulated time.five. The questionnaire supplied the facts with out lots version because the overall variations have been grouped into 3 styles of “yes” “No” and “Don’t realize”. on this way responses acquired have been of uniform nature.6. The respondents supplied their responses with freer mind and expressed their consent openly with out showing their identification. The chance was available for the people to give their responses thru mail box to cover their identification. So, the approach became more nameless.7. The reliability and validity of the questionnaire survey approach is more valid because the information is provided in comprehensible language. The facts provided is true and it became clean to interpret the records.eight. The questionnaire provided the qualitative facts and some quantitative records with flexibility and this is the first-class and gain gift only in case of questionnaire.

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