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A wedding day can be the most memorable ceremony in a couple’s life. To ensure success, it should be planned meticulously. Weddings are a multifaceted process. You should allow yourself at minimum three months to plan. This could prevent mishaps that could ruin the occasion. By following these simple steps, it could enhance your experience and reduce the stress of what could potentially be a chaotic day. First, a marriage license must be obtained. It’s always a good idea to make sure that your partner is not already married. Then, planning the rehearsal, wedding, reception and honeymoon as individual events will help to facilitate the process.

Next, the rehearsal should be planned, this typically happens in the first month. Selecting the appropriate minister to orchestrate the ceremony is an important task for both the bride and the groom. With some religious beliefs, it will be necessary for the bride and the groom to attend pre-marriage classes. Once the clergyman has been chosen, you can then begin to select the facility, choose your wedding court and select the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner will be held. At the rehearsal dinner, it’s a tradition to distribute gifts for the bridesmaid’s and grooms men. Sometimes, there will be a toast given at the rehearsal dinner from the best-man. This is a custom that dates back almost as far as history itself. Almost every culture practiced toasting in some form. The custom gradually evolved into today’s toast to love, friendship, health, wealth and happiness.

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Once the Rehearsal is planned, it’s now time to plan the wedding. This is the time that you will see the good, bad and ugly in everyone. The wedding date needs to be set and the invitations mailed. It’s always helpful to insert directions for those that are not familiar with the area. You will need to choose your wedding gown at least one month prior to the wedding date. This will allow enough time for alterations if necessary. Selection of music for the wedding and reception will also be an important task in this stage of the game. You may go to your nearest record store and sample the music before purchasing. A unity candle is often used in weddings to symbolize “eternal togetherness”. Items such as candles, sign- in books, cake toppers, and personalized champagne glasses can be found at your nearest wedding or card shop.

A photographer will be the most important choice you make. Photographs will be the memory that you will carry with you for years to come. Shopping for wedding bands, deciding on a florist (if using flowers), making hair or manicure appointments need to be scheduled if necessary . The maid of honor or the Brides family may throw a bridal shower. It may be necessary to designate someone to record the gifts received and from whom. You can then mail thank you cards immediately following the shower. After you have planned the wedding, you can now start to plan the reception. This can be the fun part of the planning process. You will need to select your location and menu.

Keep in mind the number of guest attending and the time of day your will be having your wedding. For example, if you are planning your wedding in the afternoon, it may only be necessary to have finger food such as, chicken tenders, fruit, chips, ham sandwiches, and soda’s. However, if you are planning to have your wedding in the evening, a formal dinner, horsdoeuvres, and possibly alcohol may be required. Unfortunately, this may incur more cost.

Depending on your budget, you can decide what is appropriate for you and your significant other. You may also decide to use a Limousine service for the wedding party. This has been a popular choice for many weddings. However, if you are looking to be “unusual”, you may want to consider a Rolls Royce, or a horse and carriage. Some people that decide to be “extreme” have chosen helicopters for their grand appearance. Again, this will depend on your budget.

Last, but certainly not least, you will need to plan for your honeymoon. You will need to select your location, book flights, and make hotel reservations if needed. Contacting a travel agent for ideas can save time and money. Travel magazines and the internet can be a useful tool for gaining ideas. Spa’s are also a popular choice for newlyweds looking for a relaxing get away. Indeed, wedding’s can be as elaborate, or simple as you choose. However, planning ahead and shopping for the best prices available will allow you to save time and money.

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