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In order for us to compete this task we had to spend time working together planning what exactly we had to achieve, how we would achieve it and when to achieve it by. Planning The planning of the event began in October of this year and the event itself was to be held on Wednesday 11th December, between 16.30 and 18.00 hours. The event was to take place inside our school hall, and so we knew we could not exceed more then approximately 70 people, already stated in our task guidelines.

The other forms in our year we in charge of organising the various other areas of the party, such as entertainment, transport, food, decorations and invitations group 2. The planning our group carried out was not as extent as first thought, but it was an opportunity for everyone to take part in some way or another. We started as we meant to go on, and got to work straight away. Our group co-ordinators kept us busy at all times, and aided us in choosing the right path to take.

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Our initial planning procedure was to brainstorm our ideas as a class and discussed our approach to the overall task, our approach to inviting people i.e. what was the best way of inviting people? Would it be by telephone or mail or personal visits to those we knew? We also had to plan who we were going to invite. As this event has taken place before we had a previous list of guests already available and so this proved a nice starting place for us. In the planning stage, I was the one who collected this previous record from a member of staff and explained to the co-ordinators what each bit meant of the list meant and so gave them an idea on how to produce our invitations list.

Finally as a class, after we had decided who to invite, how to invite them and when to invite them, all we had to sort out was the best possible layout of our invitations list, so that invitations group 2 could understand it. We eventually decided a table drawn on the computer would be the easiest and neatest to follow. Then our co-ordinators drew up the table with all the appropriate columns and there was no stopping us now!! However we proved to be wrong because we discovered we had forgotten a quite important column!! This was soon added and now there seemed to be no obstacles in our path ahead!!

Participation After months of planning and discussion the day soon came round and on Wednesday 11th, panic seemed to attack year 12 of Rochester Grammar School for Girls!! People were running around the school building trying to organise last minute events and other sorting out what was going where in the hall and who was collecting which guests!! But as the day went on and we realised we were not only running out of time, but also panicking for nothing, we decided to take a “chill pill” and just get the party started.

My involvement in participation was being present at the party on Wednesday evening and helping with the decorating of the hall before the guests arrived. I also helped by running around and checking last minute details for various people. As the guests began arriving, I helped by getting several citizens out of their cars (approximately 8) and ushering them to the hall, where other people ushered them to their chairs.

Once most of the guests had arrived I also helped with ushering them to their seats and serving them either tea or coffee and obtaining them a plate of food. Throughout the evening I continued to play an active role, by communicating with the citizens and carrying out any tasks they had for me. As the party began to end, I once again helped with sorting out which guests were going to which cars and aided many back to their transport and helped them into the car and waved goodbye!! Then it was back to the hall to help tidy up. This involved collecting al rubbish, putting tables away, stacking chairs and collecting any cutlery or crockery suitable for washing up.

I eventually left the school at approximately half past six. Evaluation Overall I would say that I participated well throughout the whole event, but maybe not so much as I could have done on the night, due to a medical problem, but owing to this fact, I was particularly pleased with what I thought I had achieved and how I achieved it. Had I not been unwell then I could have extended my participation by joining in the finale piece, which was our year group collectively dancing to a famous Christmas song. I also feel I could have maybe participated more on the communicating with the citizen’s part. However as my head was very sensitive to loud noise, I feel I done exceptionally well lasting the whole evening in a loud and noisy party environment.

In evaluating our group I felt we had achieved a tremendous amount because without our planning and actually inviting the citizens we wouldn’t have had a party. After what seemed a slow start in getting our inviting process on the way, and only having a small turn out we managed to produce a large turnout with approximately 65 guests and also having to turn some guests down, because we couldn’t accommodate them. This number being what we were originally aiming for.

I think in achieving what we did, our group had to be well organised to ensure we had included everything important in our task and also to ensure we got the guests present on the night. Also I felt that our group had to be particularly sensitive to the needs and worries of the elderly, because throughout the phoning sessions many felt that we were not being serious and many were quite rude to several members of the form. Therefore we had to be particularly calm and pleasant.

The collective thought of our group at the end of the event was that we had provided a great Christmas party for the senior citizens that they were very grateful of. This made us all feel pleased about ourselves in that something so small, actually proved to be a great evening for the elderly and also one that they really appreciated. The only negative feedback regarding our group was the that the event was very time consuming and added a lot of pressure to many people in that there was only a short time to carry out everything that was needed in order for the party to have been such a success.

Overall, on evaluating the entire event, I would say it was a great success, except for a few minor hiccups, which I thought although some of them were quite serious made us work more as a team to overcome them and also act quite mature in overcoming them and we were grateful of this. I feel being very negative on certain aspects of the evening, the entertainment was not necessarily the most productive at times nor the most appealing to the older generations. I think, by talking to some of the guests themselves, although they thoroughly enjoyed it, they would have preferred maybe carol singers, rather than pop singers and also maybe more stories and poems, than dancers, but saying that the entertainment was only really a background extra to many of the guests.

The problems we endured included the forgetfulness of picking up one of the guests and so we had to think of a way of getting that citizen to the party. Also suitable transport wasn’t sent to certain residential homes and so it wasn’t possible to get both the guests and their belongings to the party, and so different arrangements had to be sorted immediately in order to get everyone to the party on time. The next problem we endured was one of the table decorations caught light and so we had to extinguish the flame before it got serious and deal with the situation accordingly. This meant working together as a team and for each other.

The final and most serious problem we encountered was one of the guests, Hilda, fell over. Although it wasn’t too serious it was treated as a serious incident and once again we all had to work as a team. This happened towards the end of the party when we were dismissing the guests and so it was once again vital we worked together. We had to ensure those still in the hall were kept calm and alerted about the situation as they all began to panic about Hilda and got worried in case it was a friend or it happens to them.

We also had to continue to get the hall tidied up and get the remaining guests into their cars to go home. This is where I once again proved to be helpful, talking to some of the citizens and keeping them calm, until the ambulance arrived and helped Hilda back to her feet after ensuring she was ok, which proved to be the outcome of her fall. Overall though, besides these few minor incidents, I feel that the party was a major success with all those who attended and I feel that we provided them with a little something that made their Christmas complete or at least a little something that made them smile and feel happy.

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