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There was a serious miscarriage of justice from the time of Jesus arrest to the time of his crucifixion. This happened towards him in a variety of different ways, which included unfair trials, and punishments, which were not ordered by Pontius Pilate. Jesus arrest was a serious miscarriage of justice and unfair because the arrest took place at night when no one would see. This may have been because the soldiers knew that what they were doing was illegally and morally wrong.

The crowd that came to arrest Jesus was not made up of Roman soldiers but was made up with men mainly from the Sadducces or the Pharisees who wanted Jesus dead. The group carried ‘swords and clubs’ (Mark 14:43-52). The group of men didn’t even know who Jesus was and they had to pay Judas to betray Jesus by kissing him on the cheek to show them who he was. When they found Jesus he was praying in the garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:32-42) and then they used excessive force of Jesus when he was arrested. Jesus was then taken to the Sanhedrin trial in the high priests house. This trial was a serious miscarriage of justice and illegal.

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First of all Jesus should not have been taken to the high priest house but it was illegal and against their rules to have the trial anywhere else but the “Place of the Hewn stone” which was in the temple and Jesus was not. (Mark 14: 53). As we know that Jesus arrest took place at night and the trial was straight after therefore the trial did not take place in daylight hours as the rules of governing the Sanhedrin instructed (Mark 14:17-18). The rules also state that that a trial could not take place on or before the Sabbath or on a festival and “it was the first day of the festival of unleavened bread.

” On the night of the festival Jesus was arrested and put on trial. (Mark 14:12-13) The trial itself was a serious miscarriage of justice because the rules state that at least 2 witness had to agree on the charges before the trial could be declared valid. A person could not be convicted on his or her own evidence. The verdict had to be held over 24 hours and voting had to be carried out in strict order with the youngest member of the Sanhedrin voting first and the eldest member voting last. All of these rules were broken in Jesus trial.

None of the witness stories agreed yet the charges were still declared valid and even though “many witness told lies against Jesus”. (Mark 14:53-60) Jesus was convicted on his own evidence and their were not witness to defend Jesus only those who were prosecuting and yet the trial was declared valid (Mark 14:61-63). We know that the trial did not last 24 hours because Jesus was arrested on that night sent to Pilate “early next morning” and was crucified at 3pm the next day. This means that from his arrest to his death was less than 24 hours.

The purpose of the 24-hour trial was to avoid any rash decisions being made. (Mark 15:1-2) and (Mark 15:33-35). We have no evidence that voting took place but the chief priest did say, “This is Blasphemy! ” and then was saying his verdict out loud influencing the younger members of the Sanhedrin. They would have thought that, as he was the most experienced and highest person in the court that he would have been right. In the morning Jesus was then taken to Pontius Pilate. This had to happen because the Sanhedrin could not inflict the ultimate sentence death.

This trial was unfair and a serious miscarriage of justice because the sentence was changed from a religious charger to a political charge because the Sadducces and the Pharisees knew that death would not be excepted on a religious charge. Pontius Pilate knew that the Sadducces and the Pharisees were jealous of Jesus. Yet he feared a revolt if he went against them so he let the people decide whether to set Jesus or Barabbas free and the people answered Barabbas and to crucify Jesus and that is what happened.

Jesus was then taken to a courtyard by soldiers where he was mocked and humiliated. This was unfair and a serious miscarriage of justice because this was not his sentence or punishment and so what they were doing was illegal. They put a purple robe on him, a crown of thorns made from brambles; they beat him and humiliated him. This was all to humiliate him as he claimed to be the King of the Jews. Jesus must have felt hurt, ashamed and embarrassed. They then spat on him which must have made him feel angry at then they put his clothes on and sent him lout to be crucified.

His death was a serious miscarriage of justice because they insulted him why he was dying, the soldiers divided their clothes up among them, and they robbed him and jeered him into death. Jesus suffered an injustice and it was a serious miscarriage of justice. It seems that none of the rules applied to him and the trials should have been declared invalid and he should not have been sent to death and certainly not in this horrible and unfair way. That Jesus did not just give up his life for us but his self-confidence, self esteem and most important his dignity.

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