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The two advertisements that I have to compare are, the Benetton advert and Drop the Debt. I will be looking at whether the use of “shocking techniques”, was appropriately applied in the two different companies adverts. Firstly both companies adverts seem to use, “shock techniques” and use very similar persuasive methods, in their campaigns. There has been a great deal of discussion, about the use of shocking images. In today’s society many adverts use scandalous and shocking techniques, portraying poverty in deprived villages across the nation. Some of these examples are portrayed in the both adverts.

There are several arguments, which support the usage of deliberate “shocking advertisements” and seem to have an immediate effect on various audiences. The advert being promoted for its company has a sudden effect, upon the person and attracts attention, which portrays an image in their head, which then leaves the person in great distress of shock. The main purpose of using shocking images is because they are likely, to attract the audience’s attention for a longer period.

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For example the NSPCC is a television advert, which instantly draws attention to a person it’s almost like you have been poked in the eye by an unpleasant sighting/action. The NSPCC advert is a memorable advert, which is shown traumatically. A figure of parent is used to symbolise, a child being emotional and physical abused. This advert is also shown like a cartoon clip so it can appeal to everyone, especially young children who suffer abuse. This method of approach is done to help encourage young people, speak out and also to make others stop and think before they hurt children. The advantage of using shocking adverts generates controversy, amongst people who talk about sensitive issues like this, in great depth which further raises awareness in problems that today’s society, is fearing to face. Also the advert appears to be an unforgettable image. The disadvantage is that the advert was partly portrayed as a cartoon clip, which might not be taken serious.

The “Benetton advert” has been reflected on a newly born baby, which has caught the eye of the public audiences. The benefit of why “shocking advertisements” are developed because of the horrific presentation, left and some specific adverts have a memorable and an emotional effect on a person. This has a huge impact and in result grounds the advert, to be acknowledged in a scandalous method. Both adverts appear to be disheartening and touch the inner core of a mother’s heart, for example “Drop the Debt” image is a sign of poverty of food and wealth. As seen from the picture of the baby who is well fed therefore its mother is weakened as she is supplying food to its child. This advert enlightens the factual point based on, deprived countries and to how people survive through scarce of food day to day.

However on the other hand there are several issues, which are not in favour of using such scandalous advertisements. For example the “Benetton” is a company, which is a designer brand for clothing, but the picture recaptures an image to newly born babies which are, brought in to the world everyday and who are the beauty to nature. Another point to why deplorable images should not be advertised in this manner, are because it encourages people in the modern society to take, things for granted and to misuse things.

Benettons advert also shows a newly born baby girl, who is in agony, as you can tell from the copy, she is expressing grief through tears. The child’s body language is not promising as seen the child is bearing its pain by pulling its ear and tightening its legs and hands to make the pain bearable and comforting. The position the baby is held is important as it conveys the idea that Benettons clothes can be worn by any ethnicity and generation, more importantly from birth too. The image is fundamentally used to gain the publics attention, as it’s sickening as well as beautiful.

Now you can see how the Benetton advert is associated with the “copy” Drop the Debt. Both adverts have publicized parenthood figures, which make people especially parents to re-think about their children and how privileged they are, to be living in this landmark. I believe that the Benetton advert helps to bring awareness. It helps to explore why the use of “shocking techniques” is placed as a, important role more on photographs which has a sudden affect, on seeking motivation of attraction for people to take notice of these immoral images.

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