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I may think a little different than the average teenager, but it seems to me thatlife, isn’t really life at all. With the conatant having to ignore people that irritate you, money problems, tranportation, reputation, trying to actually have a hobby or two, and still trying to go to school and dealing with problems of having to pay for college. I mean I don’t see how people have the time to enjoy theirselves. Some of the worries I have are the following: how I am going to get money to pay for college and other needs I have such as a car, how I am supposed to fit the hobbies I like to do into my busy work schedule – with school and all, and I am also trying to work a job or two to support myself and fit time in to study school work.

I would also like to hang out with friends once in a while, time to pay the bills, and there are also like 20 different insurances that haveto be paid so when something bad happens I won’t have to pay a lot more; which may only happen once or twice in a life time. You basically have to do nothing but work unless you inherited a bunch of money, which will eventually run out unless you spend it wisely – which no one does. Then there is the case of mariiage. If you want to get married you might as well forget hobbies.

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Because not only will you have to pay your bills and insurance, but you will have to pay your kids, if you have any, and help your spouse most likely. Then there is the issue of gas prices, which continue to rise. I am only 16 and they are at least $1.90 a gallon. By the time I am 30 they will be around $3.50 or so on average. That will take a chunk out of my paycheck. There is also your all favorite taxes, which I know everyone loves. That will take 40% out of my paycheck, plus if you don’t pay enough you got to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars back to the government. Another thing is dress code.

Dress code in businesses, at school, in some public places; it is just redickuless. If I have to go to work and do labor wich I don’t enjoy it, why in the crap should I have to wear what the business wants me to when I am busy doin work and I should feel as comfortable as I want when I am doing work. Especially at school, when I am not getting paid, I don’t want to come to school, and then I have to go to school or jail. I mean it is impossible to get anything that I want. I could quit, but then I would be in trouble anyways cause I couldn’t get a job anywhere but McDonalds. Then I come home and my mom wounders why I am depressed and I stay in my room and think so much and I get mad when she interrupts me. This is the life of the unaverage teenager, you may not think we tennagers have as many worries as you, but “Surprise” we sure do and this is why we argue with you. If you could only understand…

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