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I strongly believe that I have fulfilled my duties as an adolescent, a leader, a scholar, and a service man to be accepted into the National Honors Society. I have shown my strength as a leader through my hard work and dedication in football for Atholton and in boy scouts while exhibiting great skills in the community. Football proves me to be a leader due to the fact that I serve as a quarterback. By having to be responsible for knowing every play and being accountable for everyone on the team and on the field, shows leadership. I lead my team into battle with the other team, and strive to succeed in a way most aren’t capable.

I am responsible for every snap of the ball and if something goes wrong such as a fumble or an interception, it’s on my shoulders. I take care of business when it needs to be taken care of and I take initiative to all the plans revolving the team. I go to sponsor and take part in all of the fundraisers we have had. Two years in a row, I have sold over forty Raider Gold Cards to people across the town, which was the most of anyone on either the Junior Varsity team or the Varsity team. As well as selling the most fundraisers to promote our school and team, I always show up for our Fuddruckers fundraiser where twenty percent of the proceeds go towards Atholton High School.

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This proves that I am a leader in my ability to show up for all team/school fundraisers and activities. I always try to encourage people to show up at these types of events and always uphold a positive attitude. My grades throughout high school exceed that of the requirements for National Honors Society. My cumulative GPA for freshman and sophomore year was shown as a 3.6. I take many honors classes and GT courses also. I have helped other kids out in school if they need help with Spanish after school or chemistry as well.

People can rely on me for help and guidance because I take the right steps to achieve success in my life. All of my teachers depend on me to get all of my work done on time and turn it in with excellence. Also, I tend to lead discussions in most of my classes whether the topic is on a book we are reading or on the homework. My leadership as a person is shown throughout my daily tasks and will always try to lead people in the right direction under my wing.

During my time as an adolescent, I have served many services to many people across the state. I have placed many sessions of help at the retirement home, Harmony Hall. I have gone there in the winter to sing Christmas carols, set up Christmas trees, and give them someone to talk to. Outside of school, I also work with my church group to help people fix their homes, and feed the homeless. I have gone n many occasions to work many hours just to see a smile on the peoples’ faces when they are fed a free, well cooked, meal. Also, I have gone to shovel driveways clear of snow that couldn’t be cleared. Then with boy scouts, I had traveled in the summer to places in the mountains to learn about life and to help people in their daily lives. I am always up for representing the school in an inter-class competition of any sort.

I had gone to Centennial High School about a week ago to represent for our school in a seminar on Africa for Mr. Fales. Also, I had wanted to gather my friends together to play in the basketball game at Oakland Mills; however, I couldn’t find enough friends of mine to take part. Mostly, my service is shown through the help I offer during and after school, not only for Spanish and chemistry, but just to help individuals. I have helped many students in drama with their lines and accents. For being in Drama three right now, I hold a lot of experience over many of the kids in the program now, and I always offer to lend a hand painting the scenery, cleaning, or taking part in the production. I am always willing to lend my free time to help others, as well as teachers, and other advisors.

Finally, I believe that my respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness show that I am well qualified for a spot in the National Honors Society. I am always open for suggestions and am willing to take criticism to a certain degree. Also, I am always trying to make new friends and talk to people when they seem like there have no one there or need someone as a friend. If I see a person walking down the hallway and spill their lunch or drop their books, I am the first one to drop down and give them a hand and help them up. I show courtesy consistently throughout the day by doing this and offer help to those in need.

If I see a person struggling I will always try to help and if it doesn’t work I will notify someone to help them. I have never gotten a referral in school or upheld any bad behaviors. I am always focused and ready to learn new things and experience new surroundings. By stating my many feats of leadership, service, and character, I hope you see that I am a dedicated student and a hard worker, and that I am ready for the National Honors Society believing I deserve to get accepted.

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