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Globalization provides many benefits to the world but it also has created and continues to create many new problems that are ongoing in our world today. Many people believe that globalization is progressively destroying the world we live in. Critics believe that globalization is a capitalist form which involves the rich getting richer and the poor, getting poorer. Globalization it can be argued, is widening the “gap” between the rich and the poor, eliminating what is known as the middle class. This increasing gap between the rich and the poor could one day create a huge under -worked and under-paid class of workers, which could threaten social stability. The kind of raiding and street rioting that has been seen in Argentina recently, could well be seen more frequently around the world if this serious matter is not attended to with the attention it deserves.

Another ongoing concern with globalization is the working conditions that corporations have been allowed to enforce over people in less fortunate countries. Industrial and manufacturing corporations have been able to relocate with lower working conditions to maximize increased profits. Particularly because of free trade and the internet, conditions have been made relatively easy for corporations to move their factories elsewhere and take advantage of helpless needy people that barely have enough to survive in everyday life.

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A company like Nike for instance has it’s head office in the US but has most of their products made across the world in underprivileged and undeveloped countries like Malaysia and Thailand where not only working standards are poor but they can pay workers next to nothing to make their products for them. Nike has also been accused of in the past, of employing children, which is illegal in the US and most parts of the world.

Many critics believe that globalization threatens the uniqueness of cultures, languages, politics, and economical systems, thus making everything seem homogeneous. The world is slowly becoming Americanized, where the same things are appearing more frequently. “Soon, every place will look and feel like every place else, with the same restaurants and hotels, the same clothes, the same malls and superstores, the same TV, the same streets choked with cars and the same universal materialistic values. There’ll scarcely be a reason to leave home.”1 Every country in the world has a certain uniqueness that makes being in that place different from another place.

Trends are becoming ever so noticeable throughout the world. It is now customary to see a McDonald’s restaurant anywhere you visit around the world. A restaurant originally started in the US that has become famous worldwide. The same could be said for clothing lines. People, especially the youth across the world, can be seen wearing the designer’s labels of Nike, Gap and Tommy Hilfiger for example.

English is quickly becoming the most universal language used in the world today for many reasons. English is becoming the most popular language used for business and technology. There are many benefits of knowing the English language with the growth and importance of the Internet used in today’s society. Foreigners are being forced to learn English and many countries are adapting English their second language.

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