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There’s a kid in Guadalajara working on breaking ankles with his crossovers. A young lad doing sit-ups before lights out so he can dunk a basket. A supporter in Russia whose neck hairs will tingle the next time a Russia national team member winds up for a three-pointer. And a kid in Tokyo who just wants to make it into the League. The world now moves faster than most of us could have ever imagined. Yet quietly, almost without notice, the world is becoming one global playground. A place where Basketball players of all kinds share a court, maybe with a purpose, maybe for the camaraderie, maybe just for fun.

And our vision for the further is an intersection where culture mixes with sport to create a new type of player. Financial Year 2001 Inspecting every corner of our business, you’ll find consistent increase of exceptional performance. Asia Pacific continues to grow, led by strong expansion in Japan. Another strong performance comes from the European team. Global sales shooting through the i?? 5 million mark. A closer examination shows that our revenue grows five percent since last year.

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In the periods of improving technology when the stock market is so unstable, five percent is reasonable enough for some global consumer product companies. However, we are expecting more at Ankle Breaker PLC, and dislike the conclusion of ‘reasonable’. o, why the big disagreement? Simple explanation ‘Currency Valuations’. It points to one immutable force: the British pound remained strong against most world currencies, especially the US dollar. This came despite the well-known slowdown of the world economy caused by the terrorist attack on 9. 11.

The sluggish false impact of weak international currencies was especially tough on our business and the results achieved in the FY ’01. Our tried and tested strategies help us minimise the risks of being a truly international company. But, because we are a company passionate about growth and excellence to do business in more than 40 countries, we are exposed to the x-factor in the global economy over which no one has controlled over with. In measuring our results in the FY ’01, it is obvious that our dilemmas are never as simple as the numbers show in the table and diagram below.

However, in this year, like every year, we have achieved the seven-figure profits. We are capable of much more after sorting out those problems. There are certain rituals in summer, including one team lifting the NBA trophy, the start of the drafting routine and the recalling the achievement of the year. All three involves great and gutsy performances. When one of our teams or players wins, so much the better. If one of our teams or players sweats, grinds and overcomes odds to a mid-pack finish, I could be equally inspired and optimistic.

As for the FY ’01, we were more gutsy than great. It wasn’t a bad year overall. Like good teams, we closed strong in the fourth quarter. Not only did we achieve most astonishingly with our FY ’01 (to the delight of the bank manager), we also achieved brilliantly on and off the courts. 5 years ago I set out with a dream of one-day making that the Great Britain become not only a footballing nation but also a basketball super power country. Today I could finally say to myself that I have made my dream come true. Why?

Because of the dedication of our staff and the determination of all our basketball players, we have reached our goal in just 5 years. ‘A Dime’ is a company that started on the streets of Harlem, New York 3 years ago and its unique and innovative ideas now compete against the likes of ‘And1’ and ‘Nike’. Like ‘And1’ the Dime aims to promote basketball players to express themselves on a basketball court and to promote their products by the players on the streets and help them to become a future star. However unlike ‘And 1’ The Dime dislike to get involved into the League the Dime is a pure streetballing product

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