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A solution to this would be to organise regular focus groups and training sessions. This will have a small effect on those already accustomed to such working practices but for those that are not, this remedy will maintain the employees communication channel and more importantly their connection to work. Line managers of employees that telework will find it hard to supervise and feel responsible for their staff, leaving them feeling pretty useless.

This could be remedied by the manager introducing regular reporting intervals (e. g., every two weeks) of the progress of the employees work. This still requires a relatively higher level of trust and professionalism for it to work. There are instances where an organisation has office bases overseas, such as large call centres that have bases in Ireland or India8.

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A close and cooperative relationship between the human resource function and line managers is needed here for basic policies and procedures to be implemented. In my place of employment9, the training department is a separate function to the HR department; they do heir own planning and organisation.

As with the other functions within this organisation, the HR department is only consulted for what is considered ‘specialist’ tasks such as pay. There is also a separate department within the organisation named Resources. This department organises and forecasts the number of people that will be needed on a weekly basis and how many customers the office can take on a daily basis. The Operational Resources department (Previously the Resources department, until Personnel became HR) works more closely with the HR department than any other department within the organisation, mainly for general planning and pay purposes.

We are all still in the very early stages of fully understanding and categorising HRM, mainly because it takes place in so many forms and contexts. The scope of HRM changes throughout the size and type of organisation and so cannot be classified into any one type. Even the definition of soft HRM and hard HRM is subject to much debate! The term human resource management is simply a modern term for personnel management needed to contribute towards the constantly changing corporate image.

A change in identity, such as a name symbolises a change in practice. The change from personnel to human resources indicates a revised strategy to dealing with employees; it implies that the function is more people focused and less rigid in terms of employees adhering to the conditions of their contract and organisational procedures. HR ultimately is responsible for the planning of each function, but the respective line managers can make a valuable contribution to this process.

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