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The Body Shop style of management is consultative, being that it is middle of the road between autocratic and democratic. In as much as the employees have an opportunity to express their views and opinions of the company’s policies and can bring about change, the ultimate decision is in the hands of the management. Employees are given the access to means of making their opinions know through the company’s framework of representation. A couple of examples can be seen in the graph below. The graph below shows the different areas that employees can put forward their views and the effectiveness of those comments.

Company Culture The Body Shop encourages a company culture of personal and company responsibility, growth and awareness. The company actively encourages and supports many environmental and humane causes and perceives itself as a strong voice for change on a global scale. ICT Internal and External Uses The Body Shop makes considerable use of modern technology in the operation of business on a day to day basis. It is also a way to preserve valuable resources as in the preservation of forests because of the less paper consumed.

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Many of the company’s correspondence methods have been converted to ICT based methods as in the case of emails, internal memos, and even video conferencing on a global scale. This allows for faster and more efficient control of information and better awareness of the conditions prevailing at any time, even on the other side of the world. The external benefits of the ICT use can be seen in the instant access that can be achieved to and from prospective suppliers and the quicker transfer of vital information.

This can greatly improve the business response to market changes and enable the company to be in step with the worldwide market. Production Process and Quality Control The Body Shop company policy for the testing of products is kept within very strict guidelines, for example, in the area of testing on animals where they have a strict no animal testing criteria. The table below shows that the tests are conducted on volunteers from the public and employees. The number of tests that were carried out on employees rose by 232 between 1995/96 and 1996/97. Making Judgements

The Body Shop has many objectives. In the company there are some objectives have ready achieve, some in the progressing to achieve and some of the objectives didn’t achieve. The key objectives of The Body Shop are centred on the awareness of the impact of the company on the environment, ethnic cultures and ecological systems in all areas that The Body Shop is involved. The company has created a framework of checks and monitoring systems to ensure that it makes as little adverse impact on any area of business in respect to the humane and ecological status.

The management is encouraged and encourages employees to be actively involved in the humane and ecological campaigns that the company has found to be needed. The company, as a financial institution, uses its size and power to further the causes that it has chosen, and influences other companies and communities to follow the company recommendations. This is evident in the criteria that a prospective supplier must adhere to in order for The Body Shop to accept the goods.

It could be argued that the strict criteria that The Body Shop adheres to in their company objectives could be a detriment to the company growth. This however has not been the case, due to the companys’ advertising and the public awareness that has come about because of its involvement in campaign issues, they customer base continues to grow. This coupled with a product that the customer can trust and rely on to cause no harm themselves, the environment or the humane situations across the world, and of good quality ensures that the company will continue to grow.

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