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This report shows that my experiences in devising the Consultant’s Brief Project, developing the group report, and making preparations for the group presentation. The project’s progress in comparison to Development Plan From the Development Plan we highlighted our main focus, which the processes required to achieve the group’s consultant’s brief. This would entail devising a schedule of work, analysing the individual roles of the group members as well as looking at contingency plans for potential setbacks.

We have decided that ‘Progress Meetings’ took place on Mondays, and a ‘Research Schedule’ meeting on a Wednesday. Unfortunately, it does not work perfectly because two meeting a week were not enough especially in week 9 and 10. It was because we needed to practice the presentation. What have we achieved? The aim of the project was to develop the management skills through working in a group. The main achievement of our work was to carry out the theories learned from the workshops and to put them into practice.

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The knowledge gained to help to work effectively with other group members. Other achievements are listed in more detail below. We were trying to implement a whole development plan and all goals which we established ourselves personally. Unfortunately not everything was as it should be. We managed to produce a consultancy brief, but we could not meet our schedule. We have to improve the time management. In conclusion we achieved most of our goals and completed most of the tasks. The improvement could be the better motivation of a few of the group members.

My role within the project team I did the research for the group by using Internet, newspapers, journals, direct contact, databases and so on to find out the information about the high street banks and the security about Internet Banking. I also summarized the information about the top five ranking Internet Banking and discussed about the introduction for presentation with my partner. I did some research to find out the information about high street banks such as interest rates, mortgages and so on. I had to focus on HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB.

I have sent some e-mails to those banks to get the annual reports and used Internet to find out some information about what are they planning to do and what is the interest rate etc. I found out some information about the security on Internet Banking, I also registered to HSBC Internet Banking to find out some more information about that. Actually I am using Nationwide Internet Banking, so I got some useful information from there. I summarized the top five ranking Internet Banking. I also produced a table to compare the top five Internet Banking.

Then we could see the weakness and strength about the Royal Bank of Scotland. I discussed how to do the induction for the presentation with my partner. We discussed what should we say and how long should we take and so on. My team role in the group as a team worker as they voted to decide individual team roles of the group. Each group member should do the questionnaire about the team role. After I have done the questionnaire I found out that my own role was an implementor according to Belbin’s team roles theory.

I found that was very useful. All the plenary sessions and workshops are relevant to the project. For example, the plenary sessions for The Consultants Brief, I could understand more about how do they work, how can they help their clients and so on. For the workshops 1 (Managing teams and meetings), I found it very helpful, I have learned how to manage the team and meetings. How will I use the learning from BSA006 in the future I found that this module very interest and useful. I especially appreciated the plenary meetings conducted by the visitor from university and other company.

It allows me to see how a theory works in practice. Their inputs brought more reality to the course and how the skills acquired from this course could benefit me in future. According to my own experiences I have learned many practical things like how to handle a team more effectively. In the future I am going to use all knowledge and experience gained from this module to be an effective and efficient manager. Also I am going to work a bit on my communication skills, which needs some improvements.

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