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This quote from ‘Tickets Please’ explains exactly how smug john Thomas feels in the comfort of so many females but John Thomas’s attitude rapidly changes: ‘…”I’m toddling,” said he, rising and reaching for his overcoat…’ John Thomas starts to feel uneasy and wants to leave as he can feel an atmosphere between the girls and him. ‘…Laughing uneasy…’ The actions of the women scared John Thomas. The atmosphere had become tense very quickly. The women asked John which one of them he was going to marry. He tried to leave the room but the angry women wouldn’t let him leave which led to violence.

‘…pulling and tearing and beating him…’ There is a lot of animal imagery of the women attacking John. ‘…They pounced on him…’ This animal imagery shows that the women were like animals, as we understand they stalled their prey and pounced on him when the time was right just like an animal and its prey. The females in the room have lost control of themselves and others. They have lost their temper just because John will not choose one of them to be his wife. Annie is the ringleader and so everyone is deeply hocked and upset when John regains his control and announces he chooses Annie to marry him.

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‘…I choose Annie…’ In just three words John Thomas manages to regain control and this is good for him, as the beating has stopped. All the women are upset, as he did not choose them. In contrast Annie is also not happy or joyful but angry. Annie is angry, as she did not want to be picked. ‘…I don’t want him…’ This shows exactly Annie’s Feelings. John only chose Annie as he knew Annie would say no as she would not give him a second chance no matter what. This makes John Thomas seem clever and makes John Thomas the most controlling person in the room and story.

The writers have similar yet contrasting endings, although the women reject both men in both stories ‘john thomass women’ use aggression and violence to have victory over him. ‘tonys women’ are much less impetuous and want him more than anything. Milly is the only one to get what she wants in Tony Kytes, as tony wanted Hannah or unity, all the women wanted tony and she ended up with him. John Thomas seems to be the only one to get what he wanted in ‘Tickets Please’ as all the women either wanted him or commitment and he wanted a carefree life, which he got.

In conclusion in ‘Tickets Please’ the man was stronger even though the women beat him up, he proved to be stronger as he put them in the spot and they were all guilt ridden. In ‘Tony Kytes’ the man was also stronger as they all wanted him but only one of them got him. Even though the two stories are written at different periods the two stories are very similar. Both men in each story both end up in control and dominating the females around them as they both finish victorious.

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