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Feedback is an important part of a management system. It gives information like what is the problem, where it is and how can we improve our behaviour. Feedback has an effect on all parts of management activities, planning, organising leading and controlling. We get the feeling of importance through feedback in the game we played during the tutorial. At first we planned and had a rough picture of how the route would be and how we would build it. However it did not turn out like we had planned. The marble kept dropping to the floor on each turn.

We did not expect this to happen so we analysed the problem and decided to stick a piece of paper at the end of each turn to block the ball from dropping and it worked well. As can be seen here we did not foresee problems when we were on the planning stage. Feedback from practice and implementation let us know the cause of the problem and get rid of it, which requires management skills. Henri Fayol’s theory refers that there are five main functions of management activities including planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling which are all linked by communication These functions can be applied to our calss activity.

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During planning, each team member has to communicate a lot and give their suggestions about how to make the marble run for a longer time and make as many corners as possible. After deciding on a course of action, it’s about organizing and commanding, the leader should divide the task into several individual parts and assign them to a team member. The leader has to make sure each of the team members clearly knows their individual goal and how they are going to achieve it.

Coordinating is the function of delegating each task to the right person, and ensuring each person is clear on their objectives. If not, the manager should make any necessary changes. The final function is controlling. This is about how to monitor actual performance, compare to the work expected and take necessary action if required. When constructing the marble run, we may face some unexpected situations and difficulties, in which case, the leader has to make decisions to cope with them, and make sure that the members are working effectively and efficiently to avoid unnecessary waste.

In order to keep the information flowing smoothly within the team, influence and motivate the team members in the right time in right way while they are doing their tasks, these all need good communication. The five learning points we feel apply most to the class are the work of Mintzberg, Katz and Fayol, the contingency approach to management and the importance of feedback. Though there were many other learning points in effect during the class we have detailed those we believe most important

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