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Being a student can be very stressful for many different reasons. One of the pressures is the many deadlines and assessments, particularly if it is difficult to study. To me, I face many difficulties with how I cope with assignments and pressures of time, I do not know where to begin and how to improve my study and communication skills. In this report I will focus on myself and recognise how my learning can be made more effective and furthermore I will attempt to improve my self-awareness and how I will achieve my high targets. In addition, I will indicate my strengths and weaknesses and also plan to improve my weaker skills.

My main subject is Business management and to become a good business leader is not easy. They must learn a lot and have good behaviour, communication and social skills, furthermore they need to be a good-natured person and manage their own planning and take responsibility for their own learning and work. To achieve my target I need to further my knowledge and skills by studying, learning from my mistakes, and getting to know new friends and doing some work experience. At present, the most important thing to me is my English skills, particularly written and spoken. I want to improve these skills in order to develop my learning.

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To do this I often attend English language modules. In lessons I usually take part in every discussions and listen carefully to what the other are saying, I also write notes, do tasks with groups and share my opinions. If I have a problem in English or I do not understand something I usually ask my friends and tutors to explain it to me. After the classes I often do homework, read my notes again and revise what I have learnt in the lecture. I learn better if I get notes down and work with groups and discuss the topics with the other students. I like to work this way because it helps me to clarify my thinking and remember more effectively.

When I revise for my assignments, I often try to find out what kind of assignment it will be and I look at past assignment papers in my subjects and I also prepare summary sheets for large amounts of lecture and text book notes. I usually stress points emphasized in the text, areas the tutors has advised for study and list test questions in study guides and then I test myself on what I have learnt. Sometimes, I allow more time for topics I do not understand and I study related topics at the same time and review at the end of text book chapters. I like to do concepts mapping for learning and I often try to see pictures of things in my mind.

That way it helps me to understand and remember effectively. Whilst studying I find out pleasant and quiet places to study. I often study in the morning, because at that time my brain is working better and my understanding is better. I prefer to study alone, so I can concentrate on my work, however, in the lectures I like to work with other students as they help me with my learning. When I organise my work I set time schedules for myself and use a year planner to mark all the actual deadline dates for the semester, this also allows me to plan times for work, fun and relaxation- planning and prioritising helps me to work more effectively.

In addition, I share out my own personal set assignment deadlines and tasks into the spaces. This gives me time for working on assignments throughout the term and helps me to follow and to do work on time. Often I may become stuck on a lot of my works; I could not get rid of them. This made me tired and felt bad. In the future I must make a list of all the different activities that currently make demands on my time in a typical week and assess how much time is left in each day. I will divide this in two- one half is for time off and the other is for study.

Also I look after myself- eating properly, planning my working times so I sleep properly, and getting enough exercise, all this will help me to study more effectively. These techniques, as mentioned above, usually mean I do well in my assignments and I end up feeling satisfied. In all sincerity I would say that I have progressed in my learning skills enormously at the last semester. I was pleased because I achieved good grades in many assignments; unfortunately I feel that I still need to improve.

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