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Attached is the report you assigned on 9th March, 2005. On the topic of ‘development of entirely innovative services’ by the students of Govt. College University Faisalabad Management Sciences Department (M. B. A)We have tried our best to meet the requirements of you and your standards, hopefully that this report would be useful to you.

Our approach to the issue involved work in three areas: meetings with the people having unique requirements; interviews of change lovers & highly adventurous minded people; and meetings with the executives of other organizations providing almost the same type of services. Some recommended solutions are supported by the Happy Space Links Co. those recommendations are in details in the executive summary. Consensus also appeared for three criteria we used for evaluation: fairness, workability and cost effectiveness.

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As a group we find the investigation interesting, challenging, and most of all, hopefully rewarding in decreasing and eventually solving the above said problems and needs. The company has realized the people having a sound financial position and adventurous life style, they want to spend their leisure time with unique things, they don’t want to go to the general public place for their recreation, and they want to go above and beyond from the earth to fully enjoy their leisure time.

Further in this section market segmentation and target market has been discussed, the sector of all married couple is chosen as the target market firstly, then niche marketing is applied, and segment of the people having sound financial health is selected as target market Couples are made on the heavens but can be celebrated on the moon If you have enough money and leisure time, then you can go for outing on the moon, your risk free destination will be moon. You will be served with earth-like facilities there.

If you don’t want to go to any public place for your recreation, you can go to moon for your outing, to fully enjoy your leisure time. If you are recently married, you can go to celebrate your Holidays on the moon This is a mega project, and basically it is research based organization, but recently it started services for the general public, and very limited people are its target market, overall budget is shown in this section, and the final cost that is to be charged by the end customer is Rs.

38,50,000 per couple per 7- earth days stay In this section the advertising campaign and different medias are discussed that are used for the interpretation of this mega project of Happy Space Links, Happy Space Links is using electronic media, print media and broadcast media and the overall promotional budget is also discussed in this part, the material used for the promotion, the specimen of the ad, that is designed as web page for the geo. tv. com and yahoo. com, television ad, newspaper ad.

And ad in international space magazine. The head office is located at Karachi in Pakistan near the Gwadar link road at sea shore, the departure and the arrival is possible only from this station, but for the convince of the people Happy Space Links has opened different sub offices in the major cities of Pakistan and formal pre-flight training centers in that cities. So that the should not face any difficulty in gaining information or the training for the flight towards moon.

There are other many research centers existing in the world, they also the major power to affect the efficiency and existence of Happy Space Links, when we talk about the other research centers,; Indian space research center, china space research centers, Russian space research centers and one of the major threat for Happy Space Links is NASA this body is working very speedily and successfully These are the service providers, these personnel are providing services during the space journey and on the moon; they are for taking care on the moon for safe arrival and safe departure from the moon towards earth and from the earth towards moon

In this section, the basic scientific, complex and technology oriented procedures should be discussed, but due some constraints that is not to be explained, it is also considered useless from the end customer point of view but different clips are attached for the entire satisfaction of the customer. This is also very much related to the process, for the physical evidence each and every the location of head offices, the location sub offices and training centers, the government licensing, the spaceships, link with the international space station, mutual collaboration with other space explorer for the research based works etc.

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