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No information about the identity of applicants or the details contained within the applications should be revealed to anyone outside the appointment panel. No information about the performance of any applicant during an interview should be discussed with anyone outside the appointment panel. Selection Process Shortlisting Shortlisting is an orderly process whereby candidates are judged and scored on the basis of the information presented in their application forms as evidence that they meet the essential criteria for the job as set out in the person specification.

This sometimes may not always be right as applicants may be lying in their application just to meet the requirements need. Short listing can be time consuming as it is based on a person’s specification, most candidates may have in some way the same specification. This then draws to examining who’s the higher calibre in terms of if one applicant worked for more of a bigger organisation. This whole process of short listing is in the hands of the manager and also to ensure that the process remains free of unlawful discrimination.

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This approach will ensure that a fair and consistent approach is taken to the selection process, avoid possible de-selection of the most able candidates and keep organisations on the right side of the law. Interviews The interview is the most popular of the selection techniques, this shows the persons quality if the are right for the job. An organisation like Marks and Spencer would take the interview to further level by putting it into practice by conducting a role play of doing customer service. These are the type of tests most retail companies would do to examine it’s applicants, this making the interview more efficient and effective.

The reason on why organisation do these type of test could be when people apply on an Application Form or hand in a CV the information on these may not always be true as any one would this to be selected or short listed. That why then organisation take things a step further in the selection process. References The purpose of obtaining references is to confirm or gain factual information on a candidate’s current job, salary, length of service, attendance, disciplinary and health record, and the extent to which they meet the selection criteria for the job.

No other, or irrelevant, information should be sought or considered. References are what show’s if the candidate is a good worker and if they can be employed if they have a good history. The references come after the interview if the applicant passed the interview. Offering the right candidate When offering employment all the panels should be considering certain points, to make sure they agree on who to employ. Things that arise, are the panels well trained and also applying to all candidates equally.

Things that minimize the chances for the applicants being offered the job might be the sleeting panel may be bias as one applicant may be a bit young so lacking maybe experience. Another point that may occur from the panel is them being stereotypical, the candidate not dressed well or one being fat so thinking they possibly be lazy. Having the right employee is so key because a lot of money is spent in the recruitment and selection process as it’s time consuming as well. When offer of employment is to be made by the Human Resources it is made after the interview has happened.

I think when offering the right candidate the candidate showed be engaged of what is expected of them to keep them in the frame of mind of working hard. The successful candidate An induction programmes are carried out for the successful candidates, this is to show them round the workforce and welcoming them to the organisation. I consider that these induction programmes should be bought at an earlier stage of the recruitment and selection process when the short listed applicants were chosen. This shows what is expected of them and shows the surrounding of the organisation.

This then enables the candidates to evaluate them selves if they right for this job or if they like the environment there. Evaluation The Recruitment and Selection process is the key in the human resources department as its so effective to the businesses it credits it by taking in people that want to benefit the business. The recruiting and selecting has so many responsibilities to go thorough from a vacancy arising to planning and preparing a job to selecting the right candidate. One of my main issues of this process is the selecting as it does not show much expertise.

Organisation say they have equal opportunity but I think this is just a front meaning deep down they are not fair. Firstly if it’s a man’s job they should have a woman and a man judging the capability, for race they should have a white person and a black person to judge and also for disabled people they should have a doctor to see if this person is caper able of working. These are all the aspects of having a fair treatment in the employability, this is what brings in the public view of the organisation of being a well structured company.

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