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Bowmer and Kirkland recruit people (take them on as staff) to keep their business running. They may need to recruit people because someone else is leaving or maybe a new position has become available. The recruitment process costs a lot of time and money, Bowmer and Kirkland will measure their success of the recruitment process by labour turnover, for instance if more people are leaving they have not recruited the right people, so they may decide to find out why this is by asking people in an ‘exit interview’ why they have made this decision.

In the past Bowmer and Kirkland have sent managers on actual cources for interviewing skills, this was to make the recruitment proccess more effective. When a position becomes available Bowmer and Kirkland many different stages are gone through to make sure the recruitment is a success. Recruiting the right person is very important this is why the process seems so enlongated, they believe a business is as good as the people it employs, if they recruit someone who is not right for the position it will cause a lot of problems, mainly wasting time and money.

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Bowmer and Kirkland do not have a budget for recruiting so it can turn out to cost an awful lot. Firstly have to decide wheather or not they actually want to recruit someone in that place, for this they will use a vacancy requisition form. This is used for permanent and temporary staff, it allows bowmer and kirkland to keep the information needed for filling the position all together, it is also a good planning sheet for the recruitment process as you record the date/deadline for filling the position and tick on it the reasources/ways you will be using for advertising and your desired budget.

They will write down person specifications to describe the kind of person they need for the job, however Bowmer and Kirkland do not use psycometric testing methods as they do not believe it is right to judge someones ability on these tests, they have equal opportunities, however it is mostly men that apply for the jobs, this is because of the industy and type of working they do. Then a job specification, this describes what the job involves… the duties, tasks, roles and responcibilities of the person to be employed.

They may change the job description for the new recruit from the previous one, depending on how well the position was run before. Then they will advertise for the job maybe using adverts in local business orientated papers. These adverts usually cost between i?? 1500 and i?? 2000 so they have to make sure they take time in creating a perfect advert making sure the people who read it are well informed about what they are applying for so they can be sure it will suit them, this will save time wasters comeing to interviews.

Bowmer and Kirkland also like to advertise in job centres. When people contact Bowmer and Kirkland they will be issued with an application form, this will give Bowmer and Kirkland and overview of you skills and qualifications, you will also be asked general information and personal details to give a little bit of background about yourself. You will fill in your previous employment so they can see the historys of your work and maybe see if you have ever been dismissed and find out why.

You will have to fill in this application form and send it off to Bowmer and Kirkland. When Bowmer and Kirkland recieve each application form they will send a letter of confermation to let them know it has been recieved. Once they have had the advert out for the desired ammount of time they will shortlist all the applications, narrow it down to maybe 20 – 30 people to phone in and come for the interviews.

They will choose these people based on their cv and what they have written in the application form. They will also have to inform the people who were less fortunate and did not get a chance for an interview. They will then have to decide what exactly they want to ask or do in the interview. They will decide who will run the interview, this will depend on the job and level of it, Bowmer and Kirkland usually have one to one interviews instead of pannel as they believe this is more personal.

They also have to decide what is going to be asked, this again will depend on the job and the person being interviewed, however they do use an interview sheet with guidelines and questions that must be asked so they can write down what the interviewee has said and refer to it later, as some of the questions being asked may have come from a previous reply the intertviewee has given, questions may also be asked about things you have writeen on your application form, a good question would get people to talk so they can see they get a chance to show what they know, alot of open questions will be used instead of just simple yes or no answered ones. A medical details sheet will also be required to be filled in.

Bowmer and kirkland will then carry out the first round of interviews, after they have finished them successfully they will choose 3 or 4 of the interviewee’s to come back for a final interview. They see a good interview applicant will do around 80% of the talking in the interview, this shows they know what they are doing and are keen and good communication skills are especially essencial for managers. The final interview will be more in-depth and maybe be carried out by a different interviewer higher up in the business.

After the final round of interviews Bower and Kirkland will bring a few crew members together and make a decision on who they believe to suit the job, they will make their decision very carefully it would take alot of time and thought as to who will be able to best do the job, but after they have decided this person will get a phone call or be called in and told they have the job. They will fill in a next of kin form incase ov accidents and injurys during their time with Bower and Kirkland. This person may take a trial period of maybe a week or two to make sure they fit in before they actually get a contract. An alternative to the long process is to employ someone internally from the company, this means they will already be working for Bowmer and Kirkland but lower down the hierarchy.

The advantages of doing this are the actual recruitment process will not take so long as interviews can be easier arranged and with them already working for the comany they will have an idea of what kind of worker they are and so dont need any background information and can be sure that this person will do well, also the employee will already know the ropes of Bowmer and Kirkland so will probably settle into the job quickly and can start straight away. However doing this will cause another problem… they will need to recruit someone in the place of the person they have promoted, so in the long run the recruitment process will have to take place anyway.

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