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Interviewing took place on Guildford High Street on Saturday 7th January between 12:00 to 2:00pm. 25 people were interviewed using quota sampling from the sample frame previously outlined. Out of 25 people interviewed, 3 people were not from the area and 2 had not visited the centre. Only 20 questionnaires were therefore successfully completed. The results from the primary research showed good data and ideas from existing users of the Spectrum leisure centre. Please see appendix 2 for questionnaire results. Usage of the centre is quite mixed.

34% visited fortnightly or more, 24% monthly or less, 24% between 1 and 3 times a week and 18% more than 3 times a week. From the questionnaire, it appears that the 18-25 use the facilities more than once a week. From the results, the centre is most used between 18:00 and 20:30. This appears to be peak time for the centre possibly due to users finishing work or daytime activities. The results showed that the centre is also popular between 12:00 and 16:00 with 12-18 years olds. It should be noted that many questionnaires showed that the usage at this time was weekend only.

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When asked where improvements to the centre were most needed, the response was a little varied. The mode result is joint better ten pin bowling facilities and the gym/spa facilities. When asked why, the overall opinion was that the gym was too small to accommodate people, and that ten pin bowling was undesirable, old fashioned and other places were nicer. Out of the twenty people questioned, 50% selected  6 as there spend per visit. 40% chose i?? 6 to i?? 10 as their average spend per visit to the Spectrum centre.

When asked if they would be prepared to pay more if the centre was improved, 60% answered yes. Also 13 of 20 people said that they would visit the centre more if improvements were made. This suggests visitors are prepared to pay this amount currently and more if work takes place. Graphs of the above results can be seen in appendix 3 One question was the rating out of ten for each main facility offered in the Spectrum. By using measures of dispersion I analysed these answers to find out the deviation. Full analysis is show in appendix 4.

In summary the results showed ratings given about swimming facilities were most consistent and aerobics ratings least consistent. This finding mainly shows that rating given to swimming findings were more or less the same compared to aerobics ratings having varied and different opinions. Using this concept it shows all the ratings showing a low standard deviation number have had consistent answers given and show a majority representative figure. These figures were then calculated using quartiles and percentiles.

Using quartiles to analyse further into the results, it shows the variance in the data given if we take the analyse further and uses inter quartile range analysis. From the data it shows swimming has the least variance with one 1 inter quartile range where as football, aerobics and basketball have a range of 9. The data is shown in appendix 5. This shows that data given for swimming answers have very similar results, where as data given for football, aerobics and basketball have very varied results.

This shows that errors or no data could have been given to the results with a very high inter quartile range. It also shows that response from results can be similar which shows a pattern. Using data on the centres nearest rivals, I have used correlation to analyse the results. This is shown on appendix 6. Secondary research All of the secondary research conducted was in relation to sourcing local builders to carry out the necessary improvements. This was achieved by using the internet, telephone directories and free papers.

The information requested was to find 20 suitable builders and contractors to select from and to state the distance from the Spectrum Leisure Centre. The findings are shown below in the table, stating the business name, post code and distance in miles from the centre. All of these builders are located within 10 miles of the centre. They are all capable of carrying out commercial work of the scale that will be needed by the Spectrum Leisure Centre. The time scale of the work to be carried out varies from 3 to 9 weeks. All of this time are estimation and not exact.

CONCLUSION/RECOMMENDATIONS In the final section of this report, a summary and conclusion shall be reached. From the research gathered, the information shows various From the primary research gathered and all the data analysed, it is conclusive to say that the gym and bowling facilities are the areas most in need of improvement. From the surveys produced, they were rated as the top two facilities in need of improvement. Using all methods of analysis, it showed that the data collected for these two activities had the least variations and most consistent all the way through.

13 of the 20 people interviewed would visit more regularly if improvements were made. This shows that an increase in numbers using the centre would rise if the centre would carry out improvements. Pricing based upon the research shows that 60% of people interviewed are prepared to pay more than the average of i?? 3 to i?? 6 once improvements have been made. This means that a small increase in prices could be applied to admissions once alterations have been completed.

Builders and building contractors should be short listed with the most local and ones with shortest estimated times selected first. They should then be interviewed and further shortlisted by preference and other specifics. If all of the above is taken into consideration, the Spectrum Centre should prosper from the changes.


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