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The broad aim of the research was to investigate the “Hanging Around” by rural youths rather than inner-city youths. Less specific, was to undergo the investigation of the perceived intimidation by householders, in his own village The researcher’s wanted to find out particularly why the youths hung around on the corners and what they did while hanging around. Moore did not have a sample frame he used a convenient group of 13 – 17 year old youths that were hanging around. He approached the householders, youth workers of the youth groups that the children attended and the members of the youth club from three villages in Cambridgeshire.

He was asked by local councils to help them with the crime and disorder audits. Later he noticed some of the householders where the youths gathered were having trouble and were making it worse by confronting them. He gained access via the youths hanging around and the youth workers from the youth club. He had three cool helpers, which were his students from the university he worked at. He called them his three young-looking cool looking researchers after all he could not ask the youths all the personal questions as he is much older then they are.

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That’s why he had the students, they would fit in more and would be part of the group. The methods used to collect the data were Overt Participant Observation and semi – structured interviews. Each of the three students had a diary to enter any information they saw and to write in their own words after the observation in the evening. They used a tape recorder to record the interviews with the youths and the youth workers. As he used more than one method he used a triangulation method. He got a wide range of results. words 300

C REASONS FOR SELECTION OF RESEARCH DESIGN The time allowed for this research was 6 for the collection of research and 3 for the collating of the data and the writing up as well. The research was funded equally by the university he worked at and the local authority, until the authority withdrew their funding as they thought that the research was “too vague. ” This left Moore with just the funds from the university, which were none returnable. This meant that he still had to carry his research on, but with fewer funds then he thought.

He got access to the sample by asking the youth workers if he could interview the youth club members, as he could gain access to the youths by asking the youth workers if he could observe them. He had help with his data collection from his student as they were taking part wit Moore, the youth workers and the youth club members. The ethical considerations influencing their decisions were that the information was confidential and consent had been received so there was no deception and trouble from the youth workers in case they thought that the researchers were hassling the youths.

The use of students allowed easy access to the group as they had similar sound and physical characteristics. The use of the tape recorder allowed for the collection of primary data and the diaries were able to back this up even though accuracy could be different due to the students own worrying. The data collected was qualitative as it is in depth information regarding thoughts, feeling and motivations of social actors, an ethnographic study was used. They used a interpretative approach allowing for peoples individual thoughts and feelings.

WORD 278 D EVALUATION OF RESEARCH FINDINGS. Moore discovered that “hanging around” is a major activity of rural youth. Householders had very different ideas of what was seen as acceptable behaviour, and those who complained or acted unreasonably are seen as fair game for harassment. The youths did not perceive their actions to be a nuisance. In fact there was a fragile balance. The police were seen to have little influence – parents and other adults were seen to have more influence due to the respect given to them by the youths.

The youths had no worries about the police turning up as they were out of the gaze of the public eye. The youths did not want to be seen engaging in behaviour to extreme, so they policed themselves and restricted their actions. One problem was the hidden agenda of the youth workers as they did not want to incriminate them selves so that they would not loose their job, this would have reduced the validity of the research. The student researchers were not able to collect any information form the homeowners as they had been seen hanging around with the youths.

The researches and Moore may have got different data from the youths, which would make the research clash making it less reliable. The use of students as researchers meant increasing the validity as they fitted in with the youths. The use tape recorder was a cheep and efficient method of collecting information and again increased the validity. Although people may change the truth if they realise they are being taped. Overt observation allows for more questions to be asked.

The interviews were semi – structured so there were some similarities in the interviews, increasing the reliability although the participants were able to concentrate on the areas and issues important to them. The findings were similar in all three villages, the data recorded in the diaries may have been influenced by the researchers own views, data may be incorrect due to the passage of time and the interviewers may have interpreted the data differently – decreasing the validity. The data from the tape recorder was reliable as it included all that was said in the interview.

The data was collected in “natural” circumstances. The data collected would not apply with the rest of the population as rural youths may act differently to urban youths, also they may react to people confronting them differently. Although the researches knew about the smoking of cannabis by the youths they did not report this to the authorities. This meant that the confidentiality was maintained. The names of the villages were never released again ensuring confidentiality. The researchers did not take part on any illegal activities but had knowledge of them.

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