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The Disneyland culture is reinforced by the employee’s actions and behavior. Of course, the culture is not the only factor that contributed to Disney’s success. With the creativity and dedication from their marketing, engineers, and Walt’s vision ; dream; they became the primary choice for family entertainment. Furthermore, they ranked #1 in being the best place to launch a career, according to Business Week of 2006. Because The Walt Disney Company has a winning strategy and pleasant culture, the Disney Institute was created to show other businesses how to apply the same tools and strategies that are being used at Disney’s resorts today.

The Disney Institute has helped hundreds of organizations in improving their existing business processes and has helped them get much better returns on their investment by incorporating the same winning businesses strategies as Walt Disney. Their program trains businesses in the following areas: loyalty, people management, quality service, organizational creativity, team experiences and other custom strategies. (Disney Institute) Orion South, Inc. , my current employer, may not have a culture that is lavish or exciting as many other companies but they are also a stable and successful business. Orion South, Inc.

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is the administrative branch that operates its two subsidiaries, namely Reagan Equipment Co. and American Warrior. American Warrior sells gas compression packaging and leasing and Reagan Equipment Co. distributes all other types of power packages. The people that work here are friendly, courtesy and have different levels of expertise. The managers, supervisors, and co-workers are not demanding. There is minimal supervision which allows the employees to express themselves freely. The supervisors are very helpful. If there is something you don’t understand, just ask them what you don’t understand.

In addition, if you need additional training on something, they will provide it for you. Like many other companies, they encourage two-way communication. They want to make sure you understand about what’s happening around you. Also, if you know a better way of getting the job done, they would like to hear it. Your idea may improve their service to customers. There is a variety of personalities at Orion South that has the ability to get the job done. They have a balance number of type A and B people. Therefore, Orion South, Inc. tends to have a laidback type of environment.

Even though this is a laidback place, I think they lack in employee motivation and commitment. For example, as I mentioned earlier in my reply to another classmates’ paper, I was getting bored at my job and was not being motivated. My supervisor was procrastinating in giving me specific directions. He knew where he wanted to go with the project but he wasn’t ready to begin it because he didn’t have all the information together. So the directions he gave me were to look at other websites and get some ideas on how to redesign their current website.

My supervisor had brainstormed some ideas but the instructions were not specific enough to follow. In addition, managers, co-workers and the other service companies are not that responsive. For instance, I have been waiting for five days now for some feedback from a company that hosts our website regarding maintenance issues. I tend to wait a day or two for a response about most situations that might have occurred which may hold up my work in progress. The work environment here is unexciting and boring. Not to mention there aren’t much rewards given in this organization.

As a result, I am making plans to work elsewhere when I finish the graduate program or sooner. As you can see, culture in an organization is crucial to its success. If an organization has a strong culture than it is likely their employees will have a high level of commitment and loyalty. Also, they will have a low employee turnover and absenteeism rate. Culture inspires, brings employees together and educates them. Furthermore, it is a form of social control that influences the way people act and behave in an organization.

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