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Professor V. Lakshmikantham was born as a great mathematician on 16th March 1924 in an Indian village; he had not been educated due to the reason that there was no school. His first study was at the age of 13 learning English and then earning a place to higher school to college. He had experienced working in a bank. Lakshmikantham always went to places like USA, Canada and India spending many years at universities like UCLA, University of Wisconsin at Madison, RIAS and Baltimore, and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

He then went to Marathawada University to be the Head of Mathematics. What made him a brilliant mathematician was his photographic memory and intellectual skills which enabled him to grasp and manage many problems very quickly, from his talents he had achieved unbelievably well on whatever he studied. His main interest was differential equations, which he picked out from a series of papers by Wintner, Bellman, Hartman, Levinson and Coddington.

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He published a book “Theory of Fuzzy Differential Equations and Inclusions” as an author. This was when he was a Professor and the Head of Applied Mathematics at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne. This book was about complicated differential equations were applied to real-world problems in subjects like engineering, computer science, and social science. His proofs and solutions made quick and recent developments. Also these equations were presented in a detail way and includes the basics for “fuzzy set theory”.

In this book, there is an introduction, a description and an investigation to the fuzzy differential equations. In 1989, he was established as the world’s leading mathematician, which he was titled as the Division and Department Head of Mathematical Sciences at FIT. After in 1991, he was involved in the International Federation of Non-linear Analysists (IFNA). This was where he worked on different aspects of Mathematics like Non- Linear Analysis and interdisciplinary mathematics which he had produced books on.

In 1992, under the federation of IFNA, Lakshmikantham had found the Journal of Non-linear World which had later renamed as Non linear Studies, and also he had created the first organisation: World Congress of Non-Linear Analysts held in USA, which was then followed by three more congresses from around Athens (Greece) in 1996, Sicily (Italy) in 2000 and Orlando, USA in 2004. All four congresses are the most important in the mathematical world, where not only mathematicians have been attending the congresses but also the scientists, technologists, physicists, biologist and representatives of chemistry.

To Lakshmikantham and many people, it was a very interesting idea to combine sciences into maths which had not been throughout many decades and centuries. Only Lakshmikantham had united the mathematics and science together in one huge group. In Mathematics, non-linear analysis consists of a mixture of top level maths topics are used like a mixture of analysis, topology, and applications. The concepts which are shown are extremely realistic and accurate models are creating which are also used from engineering and chemistry to economics and biology.

From vague and basic understanding about non-linear analysis, it is fascinating to see that maths can be applied with other subjects. Non-linear analysis is worldly known and has become “one of the principal mathematical disciplines”, throughout Lakshmikantham’s study and academic life. From Lakshmikantham’s determined endeavour, not just Mathematics, but physics and engineering is helping the people around the world. I notice the fact; Lakshmikantham applied Mathematics into his Indian culture.

As he enjoys the world History, he had published a book in 1999 called “The Origin of Human Past, Children of Immortal Bliss. ” In this book, he found many characteristics of the origin of civilisation from old Indian sources and also Western views. He also mentioned the theory of Aryan invasion and the reasons why they were dismissed. He also went to solve some problems in the world history and also did an analysis on the Vedic literature. Professor V. Lakshmikantham is a very intelligent mathematician who made enormous contributions and works to mathematical sciences.

Despite the fact, that he was a leader in Mathematics in some areas and was a teacher, supervising students, he had a down-to-earth mind, which is possibly one way to success. Lakshmikantham is one of the few people who were prominent in Mathematics and Sciences in the 2nd half of the 12th century, and he still continues to enrich his knowledge throughout the 21st century. He definitely was making an inspiration to each person who has studied about him. From Lakshmikantham’s life, as a student I have been inspired the way he applies Mathematics with things around a human.

I would like to finish my essay with a quote from Maharaji, an American teacher: “We have been given a gift that is really, really precious. It’s simple. It isn’t going to get us anything. It isn’t there to augment anything. It’s there for us to be able to experience something that is within ourselves. It is not there to change our religions, our practices, our daily lives. But it is only there for one reason, for one reason alone. Simple happiness. Simple joy. ” For this quote, I feel Professor V Lakshmikantham has is the one who has expressed his “precious” talents out to the world.

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