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Certain attire restrictions are imposed on students of ABC University. Students who fail to abide the regulations will receive summonses from the security guards at ABC UNIVERSITY. Some students complain about the restrictions as they claim that the restrictions imposed are not reasonable. On the contrary, the authorities insist on upholding the rules as they intend to promote professionalism among the students. Therefore, it is the intention of our group to find out the number of summonses received by female students and which restrictions they think should be abolished.

The four restrictions under investigation are restriction of wearing short shirt (does not cover bottom), shirt with sleeves which do not reach wrists, pants which are too tight, and pants which are shorter than ankle length. The method of random sampling in this investigation was cluster sampling. The population of our investigation was all ABC University female students. Since all ABC University female students stay in block 1, we took 20 students from three entrances each to fill in the questionnaire.

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The entrances were the first entrance, the forth entrance, and the sixth entrance. Hence, the sample size was 60. The questionnaire was as followed:- Hello! We are doing a survey for our Mathematics project. Your help of answering the following questions is appreciated. This survey is anonymous, so please answer honestly. Thank you very much! Our purpose of investigation is to find out the number of ABC University female students who receive summonses during the period June 2005 to June 2006 and the opinions of the students about whether or not the restrictions should be abolished.

We have analysed each of the four restrictions under investigation in details. To analyse the data, we have seek assistance from the graphic calculator. We have analysed discrete random distribution of number of female students of ABC University who received summonses from June 2005 to June 2006. For each restriction under investigation, we have investigated binomial distribution. Approximation to normal distribution was also used to analyse each restriction. In addition, number of restrictions students wish to abolish was examined as well.

Furthermore, pie charts, dots plot, box-and-whisker plot, frequency distribution histogram, and bar graphs were used to describe the distribution. As for inferential statistics, we have estimated the true proportion of students who wish to abolish one restriction by a confidence level of 95%. The effects of varying sample size and confidence level on the confidence interval were also shown in this study. There were limitations in this study and one of them was bias. This was because there was large proportion of Muslim students who dressed according to their religion belief which requires them to cover their ‘aourah’.

Therefore, most Muslim students did not receive any summons. Another limitation was the statistical error. This was because we did not seek for evidence to prove the number of summonses they received. Some students may have forgotten the exact number of summonses they have received from June 2005 to June 2006 as this period was quite long. Furthermore, there would be a certain amount of chance variation even though all aspects of the sample were conducted properly. Thus, these were limitations that caused inaccuracy in our study.

From the data, we observe that there are 18 female students of ABC University do not wish to abolish any of the four restrictions, 12 female students wish to abolish one of the four restrictions, 7 female students wish to abolish two of the four restrictions, 8 students wish to abolish three of the four restrictions, and 15 students wish to abolish all of the restrictions. In other words, we can say that 18 female students from ABC University do not wish to abolish any of the four restrictions under investigation and 42 female students wish to abolish at least one restriction from the four restrictions.

This is maybe because most of the students think that the restrictions are not reasonable and should be abolished at least one of them. Overall Conclusion In analysing the number of summonses received by students for centre distribution, it was found out that the average mean of summonses received by a student is 1. 52. In addition, the median was 0 and the mode was 0 as well. Therefore, it showed that the majority of the students received 0 summon during the period of June 2005 to June 2006. As a result, the distribution of the data was concentrated at the site where students received 0 summon.

This may be due to the religion background of the students. Since the number of students who received 4 summonses and more was very small, the distribution was skewed to the right. This can also be clearly seen on the dots plot and frequency distribution histogram. Among all the restrictions, the restriction of wearing short shirt which does not cover bottom had the largest proportion of female ABC UNIVERSITY students who wish to abolish this restriction. This maybe because the length of most of the blouses and shirts in the market do not cover bottom causing the students to have difficulty buying shirts that comply with the rules.

Hence, the female students have no other options but to wear sweaters or jackets which are lengthy to prevent from getting summonses. This in turn becomes another reason for intending to abolish the restriction as the hot and humid weather in Malaysia is not suitable for this warm attire. The second restriction most opposed by the female ABC UNIVERSITY students is the restriction of wearing shirts with sleeves do not reach wrists. This is again due to the inappropriateness of wearing shirts with long sleeves in the hot weather condition of Malaysia. The students may think that this restriction is impractical.

On the contrary, only a small proportion of female ABC UNIVERSITY students intend to abolish the restriction of wearing pants which are too tight and shorter than ankle length. This maybe because these restrictions are reasonable and that they can be obeyed without much inconveniences. From our study, we found out that there were only a few students who received summonses from the period June 2005 to June 2006. This indicates that most student abide to the regulations of attire. However, most of the ABC University female students think that the restrictions imposed on them should be abolished.

This shows that the students comply with the rules despite the fact that they are not satisfied with the restrictions. In conclusion, there are several suggestions that can be made to rectify the current situation. Firstly, all the restrictions should be imposed on students within the ABC UNIVERSITY compound only. This is because proper dress code is vital in educational institutions to show respect to the lecturers and the school itself. However, students should be allowed to wear casual attire and should not be bound to the restrictions during after school hours as long as the students are not scantily clad.

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