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This process of structure and outline of rationale suitable for recruitment and selection is for an Information Manager at a major electrical company. Firstly the job position needs to be analysed in order for the specifications of the position to be documented. This process is required to give an understanding as to what is required for the job and why the job exists. In order for this to be done successfully, the job analysis will consist of both observing other positions that are similar to this position, including those positions both below and above the position.

Along with this, interviews with other employees that work in the same areas will be carried out in order to see what type of person would fit in the best. By doing this as the first step, the overall job selection will run smoother due to all the facts being there from the beginning. From the results of the job analysis process, the job description can then be written. The job description will have all the information required for the person who will fill the vacancy including the title of the job, purpose of the job, the responsibilities of the position and key tasks, and who they are responsible too.

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The job description is required so that everyone that intends to apply for the vacancy knows exactly what is required of them before they apply. Person Specifications can be drawn up from the information that is in the job analysis and in the job description. This information is used in order to describe who the ideal person for the vacancy is and what is required of them as an employee in that position. Carrying on from what they have decided for the job description and the person specification, person in charge of employing for the vacancy can view, correct, and give any opinions on the two.

This is done because they are the ones employing the new employee and need to know what they will be advertised and what type of potential people is likely to apply. From this, a general agreement on how everything will be handled, and by whom, will ensure that the selection policies can be formalised. The next step will be to advertise the position via all the various media including newspapers and Internet, through recruitment agencies as well as internally. The type of advertising required will be to show what the job is and a basic description the person specification.

The advertisement will also explain how to apply for the position and by which time. In this case, the potential employee will need to apply in writing, with an accompanying Curriculum Vitae, to the Information Systems Manager. This can be done in person, by mail, or via e-mail. The process of selection mentioned previously will be for the IS Manager to go through the applicants Curriculum Vitae’s, references and applications and firstly discard any that do not meet all the requirements of the person specification.

Those who are discarded will at this point be told of their application not being accepted and where necessary, point out to them the areas in which they failed. Those applicants who have not been discarded will also be informed that they are still being considered for the job and that they will be required to come in for an interview. These interviews are in place in order for the employer to get to know the potential employee and also for the candidate to be formally introduced to the company.

Background checking on the potential employee, through various questions and discussions will take place at this time. The structure of the interview will be, instead of set questions, an interview where the interviewer will be able to delve into a person background and previous experiences. In order to do this, the questions will be tend to be open ended to give the potential applicant a better chance to explain I little more about themselves, instead of giving a simple yes or no response.

This will enable to give the interviewer, the IS Manager, a clearer understanding of what they are like and possibly, how they would likely fit in to the job position. The interview will also give the potential applicant the opportunity to see in more detail what the job is likely to be like and raise any issues that they might have. From a combination of the application, Curriculum Vitae, and interview the final selection will be conducted.

Reference checks will be made in order to make sure everything the applicant has said and done is actually true and to make sure nothing was being kept by the applicant that may jeopardise their position within the company. The successful applicant will then by notified of their selection and will be given the chance to accept or decline the offer. If the offer is accepted then they will then have to go through the necessary medical checks that are required to make sure they can successfully fulfil their position.

At the same time, the unsuccessful applicants will be notified of their unsuccessful application and where necessary will be told where and why they may have failed. The company may also choose to inform the unsuccessful interviewed applicants of further vacancies that may be arising in the company or ask if they would like to be referred to apply for other positions that they might be aware of. This is done so that no hard feelings are kept between the applicants and the company, and also to maintain a good company reputation in personal relations.

Lastly, an appointment will be made where contract details will be finalised and the successful applicant can be introduced to their job and fellow workers. From here the successful applicant will begin their job and become familiar with procedures. A performance review will be done after the first 3 months in order to see how well the cope with the job position. If all is successful then the new employee will be offered a pay rise and encouraged to sort out any problems they might be having.

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