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article talks about a kind of tree species, Torreya grandis cv. “Merrillii”, which
has substantial economic value and bares fruits that provide seed-oil nuts. The
soft, outer layer of the seed is called the sarscotesta. During development, it
was found that the sarcotesta remained green but, there is little information
on its photosynthetic organs. The purpose of this study was to study the
possible photosynthetic mechanisms in the seed and the rate at which each
mechanism goes through the stages of photosynthesis; and to assess the role of seed
light energy in dry matter accumulation and oil synthesis in seeds.

researchers used nine Torreya grandis cv. “Merrillii” trees which were
maintained with standard fertilization, irrigation, and pest control practices
commended for the species. The growth of the Torreya flowers and seeds took
approximately 2 years. There were a total of 4 Torreya trees sampled and all
seeds and leaves that were picked were about the same size. The researchers
determined that the seed color, dimensions, and weight all had their own phases
during the growth process.

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results concluded that photosynthesis is important. The seed photosynthesis was
most active during the first stage of seed development. The researchers found
that the soft, outer layer of the seed (sarscotesta) balanced itself between
nitrogen substances, the second stage of photosynthesis (PSII), rubisco action,
and chlorophyll (a+b). It was also found that the leaves of the Torreya had
higher levels of light energy activity than that of the seeds during the PSII.

article relates to what I have studied about photosynthesis. It is defined as
the progression by which green plants use sunlight to produce foods from carbon
dioxide and water. In plants this generally involves the green pigment
chlorophyll and produces oxygen as a result. I am very interested in mother
Earth and how her plants grow and reproduce. I’ve always loved the topic of
photosynthesis and when searching for an article to read I even stumbled upon a
plant that I haven’t heard of. This assignment was a gold mine for me,

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