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The humans relations movement and human resources perspective is what put a lot of points that are important to employees in context and the forefront as to why management had needed to change and shift with the times. Google is very good at this; understanding natural human needs and attitudes that are present in a work place and using this as their advantage. Knowing that they can provide these, Google are able to improve and have their employees to arrive at work with strong and healthy attitudes to work as well as fulfilling all their basic needs.

The Google staff members are motivated due to the enjoyment and satisfaction received in working for such a contemporary organization. In more modern day relations, the humanistic perspective also looks into the behavioral sciences approach were social sciences are applied in an organizational context drawn from economics, psychology, sociology and other disciplines. In the 1970’s it became apparent that understanding your employees beyond the visual clues was vital.

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Understanding and knowing the psychology behind natural human behavior can ‘improve internal relationships and increase problem solving capabilities’ (Daft, Kendrick, Vershinina, 2008, page 49). This forward attitude had been taken up by Google who have created this atmosphere within their staff by offering them nothing but each other (including the management). White boards are dotted around the building and it’s a proven theory that others are willing to help others. Google have the ability to understand and read their employees, the open nature that they are based upon has proven to be a very effective and successful technique.

With the leading method of management in the contemporary organization seems to be technology driven it seems Google have found their element in regards to how to handle and manage this. Having casual meetings with the CEO of Google to the Google engineers, the relationship and the belief is the same – that nothing sets the two apart. As the evolution in management has mode on; it seems Google picked up these movements and now looks at them uses them as their sole advantage. The systems theory was based on the level of openness within an organization.

A basic systems theory uses 5 components, completes the tasks differently, and composes them all together to offer the final product. This can ensure all 5 components are equally valuable. This had then moved on towards the contingency view, where the management style was based on the responsiveness of the management themselves. It was designed to question those management teams in how effective they were with on the feet thinking and planning ahead if and when problems arise. This is based on the level of responsiveness between managers themselves and the level of communication between employees and the management.

Ultimately there came a point where management focuses were on quality as a whole, ensuring all parties involved were happy and treated respectfully. This was where employee involvement came into its element and voices were being heard, such as the encouragement of their engineers to spend 20% of their working time on working on their own projects. This has been proved to be an intrusive management technique; ‘In one recent period, more than half of Google’s newly launched products could trace their origins to a 20% project’ (Hamel,G, 2006).

As contemporary organizations became to evolve alongside the management styles that were being adopted, knowledge became an essential – the learning organization. The learning organization was when managers and employees were engaging more in identifying and solving problems, allowing the organization to improve and increase its capability. Google has used each management technique, identified what worked in the chosen management style and elaborated. ‘In our weekly all-hands (“TGIF”) meetings, Googlers ask questions directly to Larry, Sergey and other execs about any number of company issues.

Our offices and cafes are designed to encourage interactions between Googlers within and across teams and to spark conversation about work as well as play’ (www. google. com)This is why Google has such a unique management style; because it has utilized its resources very wisely. Though Google was set up in a technological driven workplace; they had cleverly tracked back and analyzed the management perspectives before their time allowing them to choose and put into practice those methods that seemed to have worked the most effectively.

Thus, allowing Google to design their own unique methods of management which from methods of management that have be known to be effective. ‘Google seems to have grasped the new century’s most important business lesson: The capacity to evolve is the most important advantage of all’ (Hamel,G, 2006). The combination of alternative management techniques results in Google having an effective and successful management style due to the level of competition they face. The die hard and focused attitude enables Google to maintain this style of management.

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