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I am very pleased I am considered knowledgeable, this is a quality I am always aiming to improve because I enjoy the respect you gain from it. I can see how the saying “knowledge is power” came about, because you find it gains the confidence of your peers/followers. Thankfully I come from a knowledgeable house hold, my mother is as far as I know the most experienced person I have ever met and when it comes to advice I normally go to her. I wouldn’t say its factual knowledge she has, its more knowledge on life and how to deal with different scenarios.

E. g. my cousins dad died a few months back and all I wanted to do was ring him and see what he was feeling like and I wanted him to tell me exactly what was going on with the funeral etc. but my mother stopped me and said how she felt when her friends rung her when her mom died. She said she felt they were being nosey and it was hard to communicate well with them because she felt weak at the time. So she advised me to just send a card which I can see now is a lot more effective when people are mourning.

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Improving this strength come with time and experience but factual knowledge depends on you spending time studying. Good humoured Being good humoured is a superb quality that people love. Charismatic leaders are normally good humoured because it puts others at ease around you and then they can be them self which is what people enjoy the most. There is a lot more to being good humoured than just being funny. It also means being able to see the positive side of things, being able to take a joke as well as give one.

I think because I am laid back and don’t take offence to much it is easy for me to be humorous when others feel it a good time to make fun or cleaver remarks to to wind me up. Being good humoured is very good for keeping morale high. As I mentioned in the table above the NHS make the job less stressful by laughing at the gore of the job so it is easier to except. Honest “Honesty is the best policy” is a well known saying. This in my opinion is true because people begin to trust you more and more and know exactly what kind of person you are.

This is an important quality to being a leader because people only want to follow people they can trust. I am an honest person most of the time but its still something that I need to work on because I am not always a 100% honest! An example of when being honest was the best policy was when I as the captain of my college football team was meant to take a warm up but I let the team just have a kick around. So when my coach asked had I done the warm up I said no even though my team members defended me by saying I had. This meant we then took a warm up and went into the game prepared.

If I hadn’t have owned up players may have got injured because their body was not prepared for the physical activity. Genuine Genuine is something that is true, legitimate, real, means something. And to be told by my peers I was genuine was a bit of a surprise. To me someone who is genuine is a sophisticated way of saying someone who cares. People who take an interest and want to help are genuine. I feel this quality can be improved by being more interested in peoples feelings and being less greedy. Good ideas Good ideas comes with a combination of intelligence and creativity and problem solving skills.

So to improve my ideas I need to improve my intelligence and my creativity by studying and trying to fix things around the house would help. Considers all the factors of a situation I always try to understand something well before I start to give my opinion or start on something, this is because its easier to help then and you have reason for all your actions. I can improve this by controlling my emotion a bit better and get out of the habit of trying to be the first one to sort out a problem. Peer group consider a good leader

When I was told by the group they like it when I am leader, and that im a good leader it proved the point that people always see you from a different point of view. I thought of myself as more of a supportive follower than an actual leader but my peers agreed that I was good at leading, this probably because of my character as discussed below charismatic To be charismatic the thesaurus states is magnetic(draws people) fascinating, charming etc. this is how some leaders work and their bold personality gains the respect and admiration of their followers.

I wouldn’t say im the most charismatic person in my group of peers and this is a quality that comes with confidence. So to improve my charisma it involves improving your confidence which comes with ego and success. Weaknesses Moody This doesn’t always mean being grumpy as my peers pointed out when they said I was moody. They said it meant I was temperamental and that I sometimes shut them off and stopped caring. My lecturer said I was distant and sometimes didn’t motivate my self as I discuss under the sub heading lack of self motivation.

I don’t become distant on purpose normally though, I think its my brain decides to go into sleep mode for a bit and I become less conscious of my surroundings. To stop this happening I have got to try and snap out it when it happens and remember to care for peoples feelings around me. Individual My lecturer said I was individual and then all my class agreed. This was said when we were on my weaknesses so I put it under the weakness heading. I feel the group said this because it may mean im difficult to control because I don’t conform, I often do as I want rather than what everybody else is doing.

But in the public services this could be turned into a strength as individual people often become leaders but if I was in a team where I wasn’t the the leader it could be a weakness because I don’t always conform. Lack of Self motivation Sometimes I struggle to get going on a topic and I just would rather do something that requires less effort. I feel this is a major problem in my leadership ability and this is something I need to work on. I can improve this by spending time working on things e. g. course work when all I want to do is relax.

This would get me in the habit of working. Being a leader means motivating others to work for you so how can I do that when I cant even motivate myself? Looses confidence when criticised I am childish in this regard, when I am criticised, even if it is a 100% true, I tend to get disheartened and my head drops in shame. This is something I need to work on and aim to improve. I may get better as I mature but I need to start working on it now and remember next time when I am criticised to improve on what I have been criticised, this is all part of learning.

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