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Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of high quality, result giving ayurvedic medicines and food supplements. The R&D of the company is doing research in special areas where the real potential of ayurveda is yet to be explored. A team of doctors and scientists are continuously working to accomplish the best out of ayurveda. The wealth of ayurveda is invaluable. Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is trying to find out the most of them to make mankind healthy and happy. The real aim is to be the brand name that redefines what modern Ayurveda is before a sceptical world community.

They are sceptical because many of the usual ayurvedic drugs don’t pass strict western tests like those for heavy metals. The company want change that. The comapany make our ayurvedic drugs identical with the safest drugs in the world. The company is investing heavily for these pursuing drug approvals in over 70 countries, and budding a pipeline of over 60 ayurvedic formulations. We are traslating these core compentencies into a sustainable competative advantage. The company will maintain and work closely with distributers, physicians and suppliers to build relationships and alliances necessary to achive the company goals.

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The company maintains high-concentration extracts of active ingredients in these herbs, while others mostly go for bulk raw herbs. It raises thecosts as the company has to use more raw materials, but the medicines to be 100% effective. Situation Analysis This situation analysis begins with a picture of the existing atmosphere in which kunnathu Pharmasuticals finds itself by providing a brief SWOT analysis for the product Musli Power Extra. After the SWOT overview the analysis examine the levels in detail by Industry, competitors, company and consumers.

The current market for drugs to treat sexual disorders is estimated at US$3. 8 billion which is forecast to increase 74% to US$6. 6 billion by 2012. The studies shows that Critical analysis of marketed sexual dysfunction drugs related to erectile dysfunction and androgen deficiency. The sales estimated by 2020 is over 10 billion. Lots of companies are investing huge amount of money in the reserch and development for the new improved medicines. At this state a unique herbal product like Musli Power X-tra has a very huge market. Competitors in sexual dysfunctions Medicines

The current competitors are products like Viagra, Tadalafil and many more. These are international companies which has generated millions of dollars in the last decade. Currently Viagra is one of the products well known all over the world and is availble in most of the countries. In the recent surveys and discoveries made by many health organizations these drugs can cause many negative side effects. It is not suitable for heart patients or people sufferring from other physical problems such as high blood pressure. But apart from its disadvantages many people still uses these drugs.

These drugs gives very instant results and very successful. But many people are realising the problems of these drugs which can cause long term damage to their health in the future. But Musli Power X-tra is a product which is made of natural herbs which has no negative side effects and it is proven by many tests that it is non-toxic drug. The only disadvantage of the drug is it does not give any instant results; the drug has to be taken for a short period of time from 1 week to 120 days. But the product ensures no future health damages or no threat to people have diseases or health problems.

Despite the product is very helpful for curing many illness and health issues. Apart from these drugs Musli Power X-tra is equally best for males and females. The trend in the market is that people are looking for medicines which has no negative side effects and gives the results. The Musli Power X-tra is the best product suits this trend. Company Analysis KC Abraham founder and owner of Kunnathu Pharmasuticals figured that allopathic drugs like Viagra would soon run into a wall, as far as sales are concerned, due to their associated health risks.

And that is what happened to Viagra and its cousins during the next couple of years, especially in countries like India. This was the same time during which Abraham was interested in a herb called safed musli, and a huge surplus yield in Kerala with no takers. Since the herb had an emerging reputation for therapeutic male impotence, KC Abraham decided to take his big chance in pharma business. He and his small team created Musli Power Extra, a concoction of nine Ayurvedic drugs including safed musli. KC Abraham is well know as a herbal medicine supplier.

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