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In this task I will look into how the quality of the process describes in task 1 can be assess in the different number of ways. Quality The estate agents “Adam Keys” can assess the quality of their process by finding out the number of customer complaint. This can be recorded whenever there is a complaint but sometimes a member of stuff who was liable for the mistake would try to hide it so that poor performance would not show. On the other side the level of customer satisfaction will also be a measure to the quality of service.

This can be recorded by asking the landlord and the tenant to fill in questionnaires as to how happy they were with the service that they received. The footfall will also show how well the business process is designed. In the case of “Adam Keys” this can be seen from amount of people walking into the office or the number of enquiries that the company gets regarding the advertised properties on the internet. Speed Frequency of delivery is a very important factor because in any estate agency there are weekly targets that must be achieved.

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In the agency described previously the target is to do ten deals a week, so the frequency of delivery is about two deals a day. The cycle time in estate agents may vary. Sometimes the process can be completed within a day if the potential tenants like the property that they viewed and if the landlord is happy with provided references. However sometimes it may take to one week for various reasons e. g. the potential tenants need time to collect all their references. Dependability The quality and speed of the process depends a lot on the percentage of orders delivered late.

In the case of the estate agents we are looking at the percentage of properties let out outside of the two weeks promised period. The process also depends on the products available in stock. To keep the process smooth estate agents must have a variety of properties to suit different requirements and budget. Myself, as an lettings negotiator, I must look at amount looking for the properties, find out if there any children in the family (some landlord try to avoid renting their property out to those with young children as it causes a lot of wear and tear), the profession of the potential tenants and their budget.

Thereafter, we have to make sure that we have enough properties in stock on out computer system so suit and match the requirements of our potential tenants. Without having the properties demanded in stock the process will not run on the planned way because if the potential tenants do not find the properties required in our estate agents, they will go and rent out the property with the other agency and we will lose out customers. Flexibility For the process to run smoothly many factors should be flexible to suit sudden changes.

An estate agent that is only dealing with letting is not likely to grow as a business. There should be variety of products and services available. The variety of properties to let should vary from low budget e. g. 3 bedroom house in Stoke Newington- 260per/week to high budget luxury apartments e. g. 2 bedroom apartment in Docklands – 650per/week. The services provided by the estate agents must vary as well. Adam Keys are offering two types of services in the letting’s area. The property can be let by the agency or it can be let and managed by the agency.

If the landlord is choosing just the letting service then us, as an agents, do not hold any responsibility after we find the tenant for the property, however if the landlord chooses letting as well as the management then if there are any queries from the tenants they are to contact the agency not the landlord. When it comes to rent collection the agency is also responsible for this and making sure it is then transferred on the landlords account. The agency must be flexible and not only deal with lettings but also with sales of the properties.

The types of sales also must vary for the flexibility of the services. The sales must include residential properties e. g. flats, apartments, penthouse, studio flats, houses, mansions etc; and commercial properties e. g. coffee shops, off licences, empty offices etc.

The time to develop new products must be flexible as well. For example if a customer come in the office and requires a property which we cannot match with the requirements of the potential tenants then we must be flexible and be able to get the required product as soon as possible from the available resources e.g. assign someone to do “cols calling” from LOOT newspaper and try to get the property requested from private landlord.

The staff must also be flexible in the sense of being trained to do more than one thing. If someone is qualified n doing “cold calling” then they also should be available to go to appointments and viewings. Cost The members of staff that are employed in estate agents must be cost effective so that they are labour productive contribute to the company. In that case the company’s budget is not wasted on those employees who are not worth investment.

It will be very costly for Adam Keys to deliver their products and services as they will lose their clientele. As explained earlier customer, landlords as well as tenants, so not have time to waste so if they do not get what they want from Adam Keys they will use another estate agents and that automatically bring losses to the company. To replace the lost customers a lot of time will be spent to find new landlords and potential tenants and the time will have to be wasted when it could be spent on dealing with the next property.

There is a cost to adding value to the products and services provided by the estate agents. It can be offered by offering landlord free inventory: taking photos of the properties and advertising it for free without charging anything from the landlord. Another way of adding value when letting the property out is by requesting all the references from the landlord is sure that he has good tenants with income that will enable the tenants to afford the chosen property.

This process does prolong time of letting the property but the landlord are happy to pay more for the services when they tenants are trustworthy and reliable people, which is proven by references and credit checks. Task 5. Suggest ways in which the quality of the service process you have analysed could be improved, using at least problem solving tools There is always a space for improvement in any company and any process. I will now look into ways of improving my described process and how the smooth running of this process and can ensured.

In order to do that I will use two different problem solving tools that will help me find the effective methods for resolution easier. The first tool that I will use is ISHIKAWA diagram. An Ishikawa diagram is also known as a cause and effect diagram or fishbone diagram due to its appearance. It is used where there is a list of possible causes to one problem. The problem or effect is placed at the head of the diagram and the potential causes are placed on bones coming off the main backbone of the structure. (see the Appendix 1)

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