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“The individual’s personality is the total pattern of characteristics ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that constitute the individuals distinctive method of relating to the environment”. Personality is a broad, integrating concept and the above written is the perfect definition for me to bring myself out of shell. I learned from this definition that personality is not a process but I have to distinguish between my current personality on one hand and how it arrived at that state on other.

I now believe in the concept that our personality has stabled, enduring characteristics. I have to start recognising my own thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Now by following these steps I am person with personality and decent person around everyday life. Attitude can be of two types that are rational and irrational and in myself I always took them both in wrong way. As Jung says to react in a certain way so I started thinking rationally and feeling psychological function. I changed my way of thoughts and started replying to every matter considerably.

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It’s the right theory or definition, which makes me to thing how to live life happily, and I am now famous as a person who considers other people emotions and respond to them in a certain way. It is also cleared from Maslow’s saying that we all have seven innate needs that includes Physiological needs, safety, love, esteem, self-actualisation, freedom of inquiry need and need to know and understand. I understand that fact that we did not came into the world with a label “MOTIVATED” that contains the goal we asked to pursue.

I wasn’t motivated in anything at my life and that’s why I was lacking behind. I learned from Maslow and Taylor’s theory and now have pursued myself in everything that is work and education. The module and the portfolio has helped me or made me understand the hidden qualities in my personality.. By learning these new skills I was gone thorough some more good experiences. I was thinking positively for everyone around. I was also acting very reasonably in every situation. I also started to consider my strengths and with the help of them I was doing everything best for people around me.

As I changed my personality to extrovert, my personality was well famous among my peers and every one started appreciating my ideas. It is also useful to explain here that by the help of portfolio’s, module and by reading different theories I change my attitude in large extent. These theories and portfolio’s helped me to change my thoughts. I learned from my mistakes which I made in past through negative attitude in every place. Now my attitude among every thing in my life is very positive. I started applying my new concepts of attitude and my behaviour is well appreciated.

My manner of thought or act of body is very calm and now quite often people asked me for ideas because they believe I got positive attitude for everything. I learned through my own experiences and through the help of module, different theories and different readings that motivation helps in a great deal in the performance of someone. I am now motivated toward my work. Before studying these theories and concept I was laid-back type of person and wasn’t motivated towards any task or work. Now I have changed my attitude and am more motivated towards every action I perform.

At this stage of life I got an eager to finish my jobs before targeted date and it doesn’t matter whether its related to my work or my university tasks. Having weighed up I realised that now I am going on right path on every aspect of my behaviour especially in the areas of personality, attitude and motivation. The weight of evidence also suggested that I have to keep on learning some more potential skills and that would be possible if I keep on reading different theories and concepts of Organisational Behaviour and Psychology.

I was very indolent before but now I have to be more imaginative in everything rather then to rely on someone else thoughts. I have to be more sociable and have to make my personality more attractive and descent. I changed my personality, attitude and motivation issues to large extent but I now believe that still I am not good. I have to follow this saying “THERE IS ALWAYS A ROOM FOR LEARNING” and I believe it would help me develop more skills.

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