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Get customers to sign up for the free DC Brewing Company’s Founders Club at local events and beer tastings, through social media sites and through DC Brewing Company’s website. Members receive exclusive member-only news and offers, invitations to brewery events and other branded items to raise brand awareness locally. When members join, they receive a t-shirt, keychain bottle opener and car magnet. All of these items will have the company name and website and will help promote the brand.

The club is named the Founders Club because these are the people who are getting in on the ground floor and helping establish the brand, they truly are helping found the company and are part of the DC Brewing Company experience. Provide Brew-Party Kits for club members to host beer tastings at their homes. People who have joined DC Brewing Company’s Founders Club have already made a commitment to the brand. The Party Kit will have samples of DC Brewing Company’s beers as well as fact sheets to help inform them about the beers they are drinking.

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This strategy capitalizes on the premise that the only thing microbrew drinkers love more than drinking beer is talking about beer. The Kit will start the conversation.  Establish referral plan where members receive gifts for every X number of people they get to join the DC Brewing Company Founders Club. DC Brewing Company will have additional merchandise available for people who refer new members to the Founders Club. If a member recruits five new members, he or she will receive a long sleeve t-shirt.

For ten, the referrer will get a baseball hat. For 25, a DC Brewing Company tap handle that would fit most home keg systems. Strategy 4: Like Samuel Adams is associated with Boston and Anchor Brewing with San Francisco, establish DC Brewing Company as uniquely associated with Washington D. C.  Partner with local hotels to offer tastings in their lobby or bar. Offer complimentary beer from five to seven p. m. in the hotel lobby. Travelers would be able to unwind at the end of the day with a beer without having to leave the hotel.

The partnership would include the hotel bar carrying DC Brewing Company’s beers so after sampling the beer, the customer can go to the bar and have another if he or she chooses. Tactic 2: Set up stands at local sporting events to sell DC Brewing Company beers at local games. Beer connoisseurs will associate the beer with the event and look forward to it becoming part of their sports experience. It offers a local and better tasting, local alternative to the mass produced beers available throughout the stadium.

Donate small part of the proceeds from certain beers to local causes. As an active member of the community, DC Brewing Company believes it is important to give back to local organizations. They will donate part of the proceeds of L’Enfant Lager to education organizations, Statehood Stout to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Rock Creek Red Ale to the National Park Foundation, U Street Porter to music programs for children, Adams Morgan Amber to the American Red Cross and Capitol Hill Pale Ale to the Capitol Area Food Bank.

This fosters good will in the community and gives people the opportunity to support their favorite cause through their favorite beer. Provide brewery tours of DC Brewing Company’s brewery in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC. Brewery tours allow people a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process. Guests get samples of the beers at the end of the tour. Microbrewery tours appeal to fans of craft and home brewing and fosters the sense that they too can do the same thing when they make beer.

Beer connoisseurs are interested in the entire process and this tour gives them another reason to talk about DC Brewing Company to their beer colleagues after they have a memorable experience. Measurement The effectiveness of these campaigns will be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. The most effective quantitative measure will be sales, and since we have a financial goal, this will be the one true indicator of whether these techniques succeed.

We will also measure the campaign through the growth of the customer database, number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers and number of people who sign up for the DC Brewing Company’s Founders Club. Qualitatively, we will talk to people formally and informally. Formally, we propose focus groups to see if DC Brewing Company’s local microbrewery message resonates with local beer drinkers. Informally, we propose surveys and feedback opportunities on the website and social media sites, which will be constantly monitored and responded to proactively.

The company’s representatives at all events or appearances will foster two-way communication between the potential customer and the company. What people say matters and will be factored into decisions made going forward. Conclusion Despite a drop in sales industry wide, we believe there is enough interest and demand for a well-made craft beer. With the proper grassroots and word-of-mouth tactics DC Brewing Company can capture enough market share in the mid-Atlantic region to achieve its 2010 goal of increasing sales by an average of $25,000 in each month of 2010, which is an annual increase in sales of $300,000.

The “SMART” strategies outlined above call for specific actions to achieve measurable increases of sales using realistic efforts within the upcoming calendar year. Microbrew aficionados are constantly looking for the next great beer. We believe in the product created by DC Brewing Company and believe that it is a product that will be able to gain ground in the mid-Atlantic region. We look forward to speaking with you.

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