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A cause-and-effect diagram can represent this categorization. ` Speculate on the actions management should take to the situation. Determine what the company’s long-term goals are. As a team, we realize that there is an immediate response to the situation, as well as a long run need for action to ensure that this type of service never happens again. 1. Immediately, Jackson should contact Monahan and apologized for the incident. He should ensure that the problem be resolved to the customer’s satisfaction and at no cost to him. At this point Mr.

Monahan should not be inconvenienced by any means. Mr. Jackson should have Jim Boyd go out to wherever Mr. Monahan is located and pick up his car. At the same time, a rental car or loaner car should be supplied for him. The management employees involved should be reprimanded for not handling the problem correctly and assist in the solution. All defects in Monahan’s car should be fixed and the car should be return in the same mechanical condition it was originally received in. 2. In the long run, reorganization may be appropriate with some changes in personnel.

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Employees should be trained in Total Quality Management, (TQM) especially as it relates to customer services. Establish Total Service Teams. These teams begin with the salesperson. Each sales person is assigned a service writer. When a customer purchases a new or used car that customer becomes a part of that salesperson team. So whenever the car needs servicing or repairs because you are: Each team should have two-service writers (Head ; Assistant) -Customers point of contact; the person you see when you are taking your car to the shop. Each team should be assigned a certain number of mechanics.

Those mechanics work for that service writer and work on the jobs that have been assigned by the service writer. To take service teams a step further, we suggest that this will elevate multiple mechanics working on the vehicle and no one will be able to pass the buck off to someone else. Once a customer comes into the dealership, he should always (if possible) be directed to same service writer. This way you begin to establish a relationship with your customers. He needs to do reorganization with some changes in personnel. The department should be retrained in TQM.

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