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have a function of being a guide that can help reach a problem of some sort.

Rules can also be based on an individual’s behavior that regards to a certain
situation. Rules that are based on making right choices this would be called “rule
of practice”. An example, when a woman decides to have an abortion. Would she
be making the right choice? According to the rules of practice it is viewed
that it is unacceptable to kill just because the decision may give you a better
outcome. Having an understanding of what the function of rules is and brief
explanation of “rule of practice”. The “Rules-Situation debate” is similar to
these ideas. It based on a rigorist who believes that rules should not be
violated, while an antinomian is against rules believing when it comes to rules
they shouldn’t apply to any situation because every situation is always
different. Another possible view is an situatonalist who considers a situation
to be different but will guide themselves using moral rules, which means
choosing from right and wrong. 

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