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future of laser technology is very bright for us as laser technology has shown
every sign of continuing its unique role. Laser technology will also expand as
it has expand and has lots of impact on lots of application and in lots of
areas. There are still a lot of unpredictable things that we can use for laser,
but there are lots of possible ways that we can use this technology in the
future (Science Clarified, n.d.).


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In a
few years, videos that we watch from TV and handphones can soon be watched on
anywhere, similar to 3D movies, only without using the 3D glasses. Many experts
expect laser technology to advance until they will be able to obtain perfect holographic
image. Even holographic television will likely be developed, although it will
be hard to build because lots of information is needed to form a holographic image.
But one day, we are likely to have a hologram in our own homes.


at a speed of light

long before until now, computers has always been using cables and wires to
transfer information, read data, write data and others; however, researchers
predicted that using laser can transfer information a lot faster than cables as
photons can transfer faster than electrons used in computers nowadays. By using
laser, we will be able to access our data in our computer without waiting for
the data to load and this is known as optical computing.


and improve brain and eyes

doctors have already use lasers in brain surgery for procedures such as
destroying the tumors in a patient’s brain. With the advancement of laser technology,
it is expected that other surgeries can be solved by using laser in the future.
If that is possible, maybe doctors can also be able to use light beams to heal
wounds, broken bones and internal injuries in the future. Other than that, people
won’t need to have contact lenses or eyeglasses in the future because in a few
more years, it is expected that doctors will be able to use laser beams to go
further and completely reshape the human eye, making the eye to see clearly
with the correct vision. If so, colour blindness can also be solved by using
laser beams. 

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