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1891Basketball was first invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith and was played using a soccer ball. It wasn’t until later that there were actual professional leagues, teams, and rules. Basketball’s origin was in Springfield, Massachusetts.   1892In 1892, the basket in basketball began to advance. According to the rules upon invention, basketball was played with a basket 10 feet off the ground. In 1892 The height remained consistent, however a heavy woven wire rim was used as opposed to a basket to facilitate retrieving the ball after a successful shot.1893 In 1893 a cast iron rim was used 1894In 1894, the first original ball for basketball was manufactured. It was called a “basketball”. It was created to replace the soccer ball that was previously being used, as the soccer ball was ill-fitting to the style of the game. The basketballs were stitched and hard to dribble nonetheless. In addition, free throws were introduced to the game. Free throws counted for one point just like any other shot on the court.1895In 1895, basketball was introduced to a completely new rule. In 1895, the game now included a wired mesh backboard to prevent spectators at a higher ground from interfering.1896First professional basketball league, also the first college basketball. The first game was played at YMCA in Brooklyn. Each player were paid $15 except for one who was payed $16 and was the highest paid player of all time. In 1896, the value of regular shots on the court was changed to 2 points. Also the first known professional basketball game is played in Trenton, New Jersey. 1897Originally, basketball had no limit to the amount of players, but was primarily played with 9 players on both teams. Basketball was originally played with 9 players because Dr. Naismith had 18 students and so he allowed all of them to play. In 1897, after multiple experiments, it was decided that 5 players per team was ideal. 1904 In 1904, the wired mesh backboard was replaced with a wooden one1909 In 1909 a plate glass backboard replaced the wooden backboard.1913Rules of basketball changed and become more professional. Things like double dribbling and traveling were called. Fouls also were called really improving everyone’s defense. Also before the update players were not aloud to shoot the ball after dribbling however there was more freedom with new rules after a protest.1916In 1916, as opposed to having the backboard mounted on the wall, it was now hanging 2 feet away from the wall to prevent players from using the wall for easy layups. 1920In 1920, the rules of substitution began to change. In the original set of basketball rules, once a player took a substitute, that player could no longer re-enter the game. In 1920 the rule was changed to allow a player to re-enter the game once per game; in 1934 twice and in 1945, the limit was removed. Also according to the original basketball rules, a tied game was decided by “sudden death” which basically meant next point wins. In 1920, “sudden death” was changed to overtime to give both teams a fair chance to win based on the possession. 1929In 1929, basketballs were changed to conceal the laces as much as possible to prevent any out of the ordinary bounces; they were also larger and easier to handle. Today the regulation size basketballs are 30 inches for men and 29 for women. During the same year, changes to the scoring system began. 1932The FIBA was created. Basketball was becoming an international sport. Teams from all around the globe were competing such as Italy,Argentina,and Greece. Now there were games,tournaments, and all that we consider basketball today. The sport was a new way for athletes to compete in a very exciting and new way.1933The 3 point line was introduced in 1933 by Herman Sayger who was a high school coach at that time. The 3 point line is located at a arc around the basket. The 3 point line was created for the players to have different scoring options. If you take a shot beyond the 3 point line it counts as a 3 and any shot inside the 3 point line is a 2. This has influence the game of basketball in terms of the future because know player have different options of how to win a game1936Basketball was introduced to the Olympics.USA was easily the most dominant team. At the time the game was played outdoors on a converted tennis court. The tournament was played in a rainstorm with 1,000 excited fans. The U.S. won and it stayed that way until 1972.1945The three point line was invented by Howard Hobson. He was a basketball sensation in the midwest. The shot was tested at the end of a college basketball game. 1946National Basketball Association was founded in New York City on 1946. The name was changed to National Basketball Association in 1949 after adding teams. NBA influenced the game of basketball because without NBA there would be different states playing basketball without an organization league. To add on to that if there was no basketball, the teams from different states wont get a proper chance to represent their talent and show that they can do. 1949In 1949, coaching during a game was no longer restricted. Prior to 1949, all players were forced to discuss game plan before games and had no access to emergency provisions. This innovation allowed players to think on their feet and create plays or counter plays to win tight games. 1954In 1954, shot clocks were introduced to the game of basketball. In 1954, the NBA commenced using a 24 second shot clock to prevent players from stalling games. In 1956 the FBA began using a 30 second shot clock. 1961In 1961, the American basketball league started counting longer shots as 3 points, now referred to as “3-pointers”. 1977In 1977 the NBA added 3-pointers to the game.1979The NBA was created at this point time. However a small thing left a big impact on its history when the first ever three-pointer was shot and scored. Even the shot had been invented it wasn’t used in a professional game until a long time after its creation.1993In 1993 the NCAA shortened their shot clock time from 45 to 35 seconds as the players had so much time they began sitting on the court. 1984On June 19, 1984 Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls. He played 15 seasons in the NBA, 12 seasons with the Bulls and his last 3 seasons with the Washington Wizards. Michael Jordan won 6 championships in his career and was finals MVP for every single one. He won many other awards in his career however, Michael Jordan had the mentality no other player did and changed the game. Michael Jordan is known as “The Greatest Basketball Player Ever” because of the amazing talent he had. His job was to prove people wrong which he always did and throughout his entire career, everything he did people copied and everyone wanted to be like him.1985Air JordanBefore the Air Jordan was introduced to the world all basketball shoes were white. They produced shoes which was named after Michael Jordan (M.J). This has influence the game of basketball because by wearing the shoes that M.J wore people think they can be successful just as he was and bringing up moral from people who wear them.1996Women began to take over the sport. It was at this time when the women joined the NBA leaving us with what we know call the WNBA. A year later there was also the first woman referee.2002Yao Ming was the first ever player to be drafted. With him switching the gears up a bit more players began to find more opportunities for success.2006-2007Only for one season, the NBA decided to test Spalding’s new ball made of composite leather. Unfortunately, the new balls bounced more erratically and wasn’t as smooth as the leather balls indoors.Also, players were suffering from cuts on their hands due to these the middle of the 2007, NBA scrapped composite leather and reintroduced leather balls. 2010 NBA Finals On June 17th, 2010 game 7 of the NBA finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics took place. The two rivals and top two teams with the most championships faced off in 2008 as well where the Celtics beat the Lakers. This series went to a game where Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to a victory and back to back championships. The Celtics have a total of 17 NBA championships and the Lakers short of just one with 16. These two rivals faced off in one of the best NBA finals series ever.2016 Warriors set record for most winsOn April 13, 2016 the Golden State Warriors broke the record for most wins in a regular season which was previously held by the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. The warriors won 73 games and lost only 9 beating the Bulls record of 72 wins and 10 loses.

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