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2.3 Description:

2.3.1 Nin Table;

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At first step for Learning and Development department in order to execute either Program, Course or Training there is a unique approach, all those programs must be based on talent management’s (nine table) where each manager has this table software to decide on the gap that his employee have in order to develop him. For instance, a manager finds his employee has a low skill in utilizing a computer, therefore, this is a gap and it should be entered in the nine-table software and in order to bridge it, this may Require a computer training, categorized as Performance Management.

2.3.2 Training Needs Analysis;

In addition, there are different gaps could be mentioned in Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Categorized as Succession Plan, Leadership Development and or Career Path, all to be in Next step which is TNA based on prioritizing the most required training courses upon the most important to the function head or manager. This decision is determined either by business need or Individual Development Plan (IDP), where every function is given a substantial budget for training purpose.

2.3.3 Budget analysis; Then, Orpic must devote a certain budget to implement those programs, also budget analysis to measure total cost and number of courses to support Training Calendar

2.3.4 Training Calendar; which conclude the nominated courses along with the related total estimated cost and to be handed over to the Administration of Orpic as a report for the approval to initiate.

2.3.5 Vendor (Tender Approval), As the Training Calendar is approved then it has to be implemented it might include (program, conference meeting, training sessions, and monthly courses) in terms of readiness, for most services shall be outsourced, where L & D Department will corporate with another department to specify the scope of work for each event including target competencies and number of sessions, all those shall be listed in and given to the tender board to choose the best alternative through an announcement, registration and evaluation for the service provider shall be executed by PCI Team on behalf of L & D Department.

2.3.6 Logistics Sourcing, additionally, other services such as ticket booking, venue booking (Hall), hotel booking and catering are done by the logistics of L & D department.

2.3.7 Start Course; Next procedure, is to start up the program as everything is ready and depending on its date to execute physically.

2.3.8 Evaluation feedback; a final procedure is the three evaluation level formula that contains attendee’s review at first level, second is a theoretical test and the third level is practical to test and finally, in terms of confirmation that gap is bridged, all levels must be achieved.









In this process, after the training plan is designed and approved some issues might appear, such an example is an unplanned program, this program is indeed not included in the Training Calendar, where this occurs most of the time when there is a sudden problem such as unit shut down because of error. In order to deal with it, it may require training workshop that discusses and find solution, however, this training program can be implemented if three things achieved first is approval from Learning and development manager ,approval from Compensation and Benefit manager and if the budget is enough to allow financing this program then it can be executed, in case one of those three cannot be achieved then this program shall not be implemented.

Another order is for bridging the gap, as mentioned before, after prioritizing the course or program and to be nominated and entered in the calendar, implemented and finally providing three level feedback evaluation, however, if the feedback is not good or negative then this would a problem because the intention of having three level feedback is to be investigated and to find out where the problem exactly by making sure either the suitability of this program is fine, unless suitable then this course shall be replaced with suitable program to close the gap, also if participants fail in whether theoretical test and practical, the participants can have the opportunity redo them 

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