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2. Analyze Shangri-la Hotel i. Major sources of revenue    Shangri-la brand mainly for five-star luxury hotel and resort city. Most cities quantity are more than 500 guest rooms of the hotel, and the size of the resort hotel is relatively smaller and moderate price positioning. Now group in Beijing, changchun, dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, penang, shenyang and Rangoon has nine trade brand hotel.Shangri-la hotel distribution all over the world, with good quality to attract customers.ii. Key customers and suppliers?      Shangri-la hotel in major Asian cities and popular resort have the luxury hotels and resorts.Today, the group has 54 hotels, including 12 management of hotel, spread throughout the asia-pacific and the Middle East, amount to more than 24000 rooms.In addition, the group has more than 45 new hotel project is structured, mainly distributed in Austria, Canada, China, France, India, Japan, macau, maldives, Philippines, Qatar, seychelles, Thailand, the united Arab emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.Shangri-la hotel distribution of major customers around the world, with high quality services, allow customers to check in again. Shangri-la group and the world’s major airlines 30 passenger flight rewards programs often established a partnership, both the number of members has reached more than 1 million people.iii. Sources of financing?Internationalization:    In 1971 the first shangri-la hotel, Singapore has been moving towards the international;In Hong Kong for the warehouse, today’s shangri-la is the largest luxury hotel group in Asia, and is regarded as one of the world’s best hotel management group, selected in many public and professional shots, get consistent reputation.No matter in any city or resort, traders hotel, shangri-la hotel and 5 rooms will provide you with meticulous service.Provide senior inexpensive commercial service over a long period of time spirit.Internal facilities:     To provide nutritious food, at the same time, the hotel has a variety of services, allow customers to check in again, promote consumption. iv. Information about related parties:    Shangri-la hotel, in order to protect the natural, introduced all shangri-la hotels’ sustainable seafood plan to stop selling shark’s fin.Embodies the social responsibility of the shangri-la hotel.

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