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21st century, an era of technological advancement, globalization,
information and technology, the Internet has transformed the whole world into a
global village. In the preset century the world is facing many
global issues which is a threat to the humanity and human development like
recently emerged global issues such as climate change, nuclear war, terrorism,
etc. All issues have gradual development, which can be seen by the human
consciousness, but terrorism is such an issue, which takes place behind our
back, without any knowledge of the incident to the society.


————-” the 20th century ended in 1991 & the 21st
century started on 9/11″

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Terrorism is the most heinous activity in the world; the word
“terrorism” is derived from the French term “terrorisme”. Terrorism historically emerged as an
event during the French revolution in 1789. To gain sovereign control over the
French society which resulted in a many acts of violence and crime to create
fear among the citizen by way of coercive means and to over throw current
sovereign with a new sovereign. This was called as the regime of terror.

The western world portrays the origin of terrorism in the late
1990’s but terrorism was used as a political tool since ancient times to
achieve political aims, it emerged as a global problem in the 20th




Terrorism may have many definitions as there is no specific
definition to terrorism.


From a very long time UN is trying to frame a definition on
terrorism but is unable to succeed.


 One of the prime reason is
terrorism being used as a political tool at the international level by the
nation state.


 For example, on the issue
of Masood Azhar , the UN designated terrorist, china uses his veto in
UNSC(security Council) against designating Masood Azhar as International


“Terrorism may just be a crime or retaliation to unjust
oppression. Dictionaries to give a different meaning.”- Hon. Mr. Justice Aziz
M. Ahmadi ( Former Chief Justice of India.)


One problem in defining terrorism lies in the observation that ”
one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”


Leonard Weinberg and Paul Davis have described terrorism as ” the
voice of the voiceless, hoping to be heard by the powerful.”


“The method whereby an organized group or party seeks to achieve
its allowed aims and objectives chiefly through systematic use of violence.”


 Hence, it is not possible
to provide a prescribed definition on terrorism.

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