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Attention: We all want it

The observation that I have came up with is somewhat personal. When one loses a special someone, whether it??™s to death or relocation, you will try to find another who can give you the same attention as that loved one. When I was thirteen, I was separated from my mother due to some family issues. I was devastated and I felt so empty without her. My mother was one of my best friends, the person who I??™d turn to for advice. Shortly after, I moved in with my aunt and tried to keep myself busy with school work and clubs, but that only worked for so long. I started to want the attention that I was lacking, the feeling that I could have someone who could understand me. Then I met Michael, my ex and first boyfriend. He was special to me, he give me very similar attention that I got from my mother. We started to date then went out as boyfriend and girlfriend soon thereafter. The relationship lasted two years and then when I moved back in with my mother, the relationship began to fall apart and it was a mutual decision to break-up. Now that I had my best friend back, I thought that I would not need a boyfriend anymore, right Will as things would turn out, I got use to the attention of the opposite sex and eventually got a new boyfriend. In conclusion, when it comes to attention, people will look for something or someone to fill the place of that which is missed.

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