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European colonists’ relations with Native
Americans and enslaved Africans caused a lot of conflict in the colony. It
caused a divide between wealthy land owners and the lower landless settlers. The
slave labor system caused many of the elite colonists to view themselves as
more superior than another race. The landless people who were former servants
banded together with the Africans and Indians because they were also being
mistreated and wanted more rights. This led to wars such as Bacon’s Rebellion. The
government had to learn how to provide for their colonists in order for there
to be peace within the colony.

Bacon’s Rebellion started because of conflict between
Governor William Berkeley and Nathaniel Bacon. Bacon was not happy with how
Berkeley was running the government. He made farmers and local settlers pay higher
taxes and did not protect them from Indian attacks. Bacon gathered his army and
went to war with Berkeley. Although Bacon did not really win the war, it made
the government realize that they need to keep their settlers satisfied because they
would rather fight the Indians than their own people.

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Tobacco agriculture was a major influence on Chesapeake
region. It was very popular crop that the Indians used, and it inspired colonists
to plant their own crops because they saw tobacco as an expensive luxury. This
allowed for an increase in population. Many colonists settled along the Chesapeake
region near the coast to plant their tobacco. Tobacco also required more slaves
and servants for the vigorous labor.

Although Jamestown was very vulnerable during the
first two decades, the settlers and sponsors did not abandon it because they
had hope that they would earn profits for going to the New World from growing
crops. The king gave the Virginia Company a royal charter, so colonists could violate
the Spanish and Indians’ land. Disease and famine wiped out much of the
population, but people kept coming in hopes that they would soon uncover the
riches that the land was capable of offering.

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