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English essay.
The insights that are explored in poetry can be seen in many different aspects and perspectives. This is shown by the use of various ways in which poets are able to construct a poem to achieve the act of gaining the audiences understanding of a certain point being made within the poem. Poetry gives us an understanding of how different people see things and express what they think through the way that their poetry is structured, helping the audience to acknowledge what the poet is trying to get across to the reader by using assorted techniques and ideas. Dorothy Porter has used assorted language techniques in her poems to help us understand the life of another and relate to how Akhenaten feels as he is the main character throughout this selection of poems.
Poems can also describe how a poet or the character in the poem is feeling about their self or what??™s happening around them or in their life. This helps make the audience understand more about the poem and the views the poet/character(s) in the poem see. Poems can also show a lot of emotion through the chosen words in the poem and the imagery made by use of words, which can help the reader feel sympathy and empathy towards the poetry, so that the reader can understand more about how the poem is meant to make them feel. First person narration being used in a poem is effective towards the reader because it can help them understand how the characters feeling, in this case Akhenaten??™s feelings in the poems written by Dorothy Porter. The tone of which a poem is written in can also contribute to how the reader is made to feel when reading through a poem. If the tone of a poem is solemn, joyful, angry etc. the reader of the poem is encouraged to feel the same way. A poem can get across the perception of many various feelings including fury, hate, love, change, freedom, unhappiness, loss, fortune, experiences, remembrance etc. Using these techniques is useful in letting people into the feelings of the poem giving them a well-defined understanding of the poems and what is going on in them or what they are meant to be representing or meaning.
Dorothy Porter has incorporated the language technique of first person narration into her poems about Akhenaten. First person narration helps to make the reader get into the mind of the characters; this helps to understand the characters more and gives the reader more of an emotional impact towards the character and the poem. This is done by structuring the poem in a way that is like it is being told by the character in the poem, referring to one??™s self throughout the poem by using words such as ???I??™, ???me??™ and ???mine??™ etc. An example of this technique is shown in the poem ???I Survived??™ in the first line ???I??™ve always known my enemies??™. This writing technique can sometimes help the audience to understand more about the poem by letting the reader imagine themself being the character of the poem and relate more to it and feel empathetic towards the poem and follow the ideas of the poem. Another example of this technique is shown in the line ???Nefertiti holds my hand??™ which comes from the poem ???The Durbar ??“ Year 12??™. The use of first person narration in Porter??™s poetry gives the audience an insight into life by showing a life through Akhenaten??™s eyes, giving the audience a different perspective of certain things and shows how Akhenaten perceives certain things and how those things make him feel and shows us how he feels about his life and the people in it.
Another technique Dorothy Porter has used within her poems is the frequent use of metaphoric phrases relating Akhenaten??™s self to many things in some of the poems she has written. Metaphors have been used in various poems by Porter, including the poem ???I Survived??™, ???My Co-regency Coronation??™, ???Just Tired??™, ???Goodbye to Akhet-aten??™ and ???Epilogue ??“ Eternal Life??™. These metaphors are shown in some lines such as ???I was little Horseface with the wheezing lungs and the wet bed??™, ???While the droning flies of Memphis crown me??™, ???lay his head in the lap of Aten??™, ???My mother??™s hard mouth??™, ???my singing days are dust??™, ???At Sunrise the souls bolt from their tombs and fly as birds in chorusing clouds around me??™ and ???these starving ghosts salivate in my armor of Light??™. The use of metaphors throughout Porter??™s poems helps the audience understand certain things by relating them to something else to make the point she??™s making even clearer, helping the reader to understand more about what she is trying to get across.
Porter has also used the language technique of imagery in a portion of her poems. The use of imagery in Porter??™s poetry gives a significant impact on the audience reading the poetry as it gives us a clearer and more detailed insight towards the poem and what it is about and what is going in throughout the poems. Imagery has been used in all but two of the poems by Dorothy Porter that I have been studying; these two poems are ???Goodbye to Akhet-aten??™ and ???Just Tired??™. Quotes demonstrating the use of imagery throughout her poems from each of the other poems about Akhenaten are ???Amun would climb on my face and spread his black bum over my eyes and mouth??™ from the poem ???I Survived??™, ???I the only bit of light in this dark old room??™ from the poem ???Amun??™s Sanctuary??™, ???It??™s played on an ebony stand??™ from the poem ???My Fifteenth Birthday??™, ???his old face creased with toothache under the bobbing cobra??™ from the poem ???My Co-regency Coronation??™, ???On the new temple walls Aten will have a new cartouche.??™ from the poem ???That??™s Him??™, ???Nefertiti squeezes my hand and points out an antelope??™ from the poem ???The Durbar ??“ Year 12??™, ???Their wings ripple about my ears in raucous rainbows??™ from the poem ???Epilogue ??“ Eternal Life??™ and ???Our vassals are on their backs like raped women.??™ from the poem ???The Party??™s Over??™. These are all good examples of imagery as they describe what is happening in the poem rather well and helps the audience acknowledge what is going on and what is meant to be identified throughout the poem by letting the reader imagine in their own way what is happening and can possibly relate to the feelings in the poem or imagine what the character is feeling.
Similes being used in Dorothy Porter??™s poems furthermore give the audience more understanding towards the characters feelings and perceptions by giving us something to compare certain things, giving them more descriptive qualities helping the reader comprehend what is being expressed in the poem. Similes are shown in the lines ???but one day my parents gave me Aten like you??™d throw a child drinking from a street sewer a slice of honey bread??™, ???It??™s played on an ebony stand that looks like a black cat with neat gold paws??™ and ???my presence is as agitating as a honey-cake in the Sun to foraging bees??™ which are quoted from the three different poems ???I Survived??™, ???My Fifteenth Birthday??™ and ???Epilogue ??“ Eternal Life??™. In the first quote shown Porter has compared Aten being given to Akhenaten to be like the act of giving a poor child in the streets some nice food, giving a descriptive comparison showing how Akhenaten feels about what happened and helps the audience understand how he feels. The second quote is comparing the senet set stand that he received for his birthday to a black cat, giving the audience a more distinct idea of what it looks like, also using the technique of imagery as well as the simile. The third quote is comparing Akhenaten??™s presence to be agitating, in a similar way to how a honey-cake would be to a searching bee, displaying the contrast of how his presence is disturbing to those around him. These comparisons let the audience distinguish the relevance of each simile to what every subject is being compared to.
Poetry is a great way to get your thoughts and insights on life across to an audience and Dorothy Porter has done this by using all these different techniques previously explained a poem can have a lot of meaning to it and help people understand how a particular person is feeling, especially through using a certain tone throughout a poem, effecting the whole poem and how it makes an audience feel towards it while reading it. The previous mentioned poems have helped me gain more of a thorough understanding of the insights explored through Dorothy Porter??™s poetry by the way she has described, structured and overall created her poems about Akhenaten and used so many different techniques to help understand what she is trying to make a point of and make the audience feel about what she??™s writing about. Her language techniques are very effective and powerful towards the audiences feelings because the way she describes certain things and composes her poems have a lot of meaning in them, giving the audience a complete recognition towards the feelings associated in the poems. Dorothy Porter??™s poems have an immense impact on her audience because of how strongly descriptive her poems are developed and how they inform the audience of what is happening in each of her poems.

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