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In this post, today, I’ll be talking about some top secrets that Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) experts don’t want you to know. Of a truth, SEO is a complex world. Even the mere mention of the word SEO scares a lot of people, since it’s an inexplicable part of internet marketing that confuses anyone who is not in the field.

Let me shock you a little…

No matter how much you have learnt about SEO, there will always be a new thing that will come up and you will have to learn some more. This is because SEO algorithms are constantly changing.

Like I said, today I will be sharing some 7 top secrets that SEO experts would prefer their clients don’t know.

Are you asking why they are keeping those secrets?

In a simple word – their magic would be gone! And this will make them seem more like marketing specialists.

Let’s get down to business. Here are 7 of the many top secrets.

1.         Traffic Source

The major focus of an SEO Expert should be to drive Organic Traffic to a website. Most of these people would attempt to sell traffic for your website. But some very important questions you need to understand are; from where comes the traffic? Is it organic or generated by traffic bots? Well, the better answer to these questions can be found in the “Analytics Report.” Always make sure the traffic you are getting is making headway on “Organic Traffic” rather than direct, referrals, or paid searches.


2.         Keyword Competition

For most clients, getting a keyword to rank on page one of Google means the world to them. But the shocking part is… Your best traffic may possibly not come from the keywords you have in mind unless that same keyword has a higher search level.

So, why then do you want to rank for keywords you are not even sure of their search volume? And that is where most SEO experts take advantage.

Since you now know, you can inform your SEO Expert to decide on money-making keywords for your business and ask them for their monthly search volumes.

3.         No Seo Expert fully Understands Seo or how Google works

Research has shown that Google alters their search algorithm more than one time on a daily basis. Aside from that, Google never fully reveal its ranking factors, since they are a business and has every right to decide on the kind of information it releases to its customers. Of course, most SEO experts know Google’s most important ranking factors, but no one outside of Google ever sees the whole picture. Any SEO company claiming to know exactly how Google works is merely playing smart, perhaps they have found few tactics that appear to work. Therefore, do not be fooled!

4.         No Guarantee for High Ranking or Google’s First Page

In the early days of SEO, it is possible to manipulate Google’s algorithm to enhance a website’s ranking. But these days, Google’s algorithm has become so smart that you are more likely to spoil your ranking should you try to outsmart Google. hence, if an SEO “Expert” guarantees you a top spot on Google, don’t wait any more seconds – runway as fast as you can. No one can automatically get your business to the Google front page. Of course, you can improve your Google ranking by hiring the best SEO practices, but there is no guaranteeing of overnight success.

5.         Nothing like going viral

It is the desire of every business owner to achieve an elite status online, but in the world of SEO, this is practically feasible! Although there are guides that claim to offer the secrets that will make you go viral with your content, the reality is that it rarely pccur.

Why did I say so?

All too often, the timing can be wrong and people can be picky, let alone their unpredictable nature. Thus, the fact remains no reliable SEO expert should tell you that he can guarantee your content to go viral since no person can make that determination. Employing an SEO expert does not mean your contents will go viral, although they can help to boost your visibility and as well as your brand’s awareness.

6.         Most SEO experts lack updated skills

What you will hear from all “SEO experts” is that I’m an expert. No one will tell you straight that he is not skilled (of course, nobody would want to do that). The ideal way to try out an SEO Expert is to test his skills on the latest happenings and developments in the SEO industry. You can ask questions like; what SEO blogs are you following? Equip yourself with the most recent Google Algorithms and verify whether they understand it.

7.         Being on the first page does not guarantee you will make more sales

Please, do not quote me wrong here…

This is just a game of numbers. The more prospects find your business in search results, the higher the possibilities to make sales.

The fact that you are ranking first on the search engine does not guarantee that you will make more sales. However, you will get more traffic, more requests for quotes, more interest in your business and you will be in front of many people.

All these will not convert to sales if your website is not responsive, professional, and audience-friendly or the contents of your website is poor.


Most SEO experts will not tell you about the points mentioned above. They will only tell you what they know you are eager to hear. The more you know about SEO before employ an SEO person, the better for you and your business. Therefore, before you hire an SEO expert, ensure you have made every necessary and his knowledge of SEO is well enough to save your site from penalties.

Have you ever experience something of this sort before? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comment box below

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