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In this study, Premenstrual symptoms were present high in those girls who were not doing regular physical work. The PMS and physical work association also showed in school going girls of Pondicherry, India (7). Other parts of worlds also showed similar kind of associations between positive diagnosis of PMS and lower level of physical work (27, 28). The physical activities release more endorphins hormones, which can reduce the PMS symptoms like pain, depression, and anxiety (29, 7). In the present scenario, menstrual abnormalities are causing significant debility in adolescent girls. Self-medication was practiced by 42% of the adolescent girls, which indicate dysmenorrhea affecting the maximum population of adolescent girls. The study showed that routine activities, school absentees, and emotional distress were due to dysmenorrhea and PMS. Sickness absenteeism is notably more among dysmenorrheic girls, this conclusion also finds by other studies (30, 31). Even Bergsjo’s study in U.S.A showed that Sickness absenteeism because of dysmenorrhea causes wastage of millions of dollars due to suffering work satisfaction, personal relationships, confidence & concentration at work places (32). Some other studies also show that dysmenorrhea and PMS were perceived as the most stressful symptoms leading to school absenteeism and household activities in girls (33, 34, 35, 36). Overall there is a significant association present between consumption of junk food, dieting (37) and physical exercise with an abnormal flow (18).


So, the changing life style pattern like eating junk food and reducing physical activities are directly affecting the menstrual cycle of females. Hence, it is important to promote the health education programs which should include promoting adequate dietary habit, regular exercise, and awareness on menstrual hygiene in school level for improving the menstrual health. The improvement of menstrual health is important for preventing the many present and future gynecological problems (infertility, obesity, polycystic ovaries).

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