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A quicken is an accounting software operated for Windows and MacOS computers being originally released in 1983, lined over 30 years from now.  It is used to track finances. Creating payrolls, budgets, balance sheet and providing bank details is its basic to-do task. Quicken Bill Pay allows the users to pay the bill directly for it. This is the supreme feature as well as by looking at the torpid nature of today’s world, it is the need of time.

You can get easy access to its mobile application by downloading it from play store or app store on your Android and iOS for free. Try to get the latest version of this app to redeem the additional features. If you are not able to get the latest version, then you must visit the professionals or expertise to get steady panacea. Quicken Customer Support is working hard to make the customers feel 100% satisfied. You can also get answers to doubts like problems while signing in, error in merging with files or so on.

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Have you rectified an error even after updating your recent product?

It is the sign of installation fallacy.

How to fix this issue?

Try to open this software in silent mode which will make the program open without opening your data file.

1.     Hold Ctrl + Shift on your keyboard and double-click the icon which will open Quicken with a blank screen.

2.      If this occurs, there may be an issue with the data file which keeps Quicken from opening properly.

3.     You can validate the refurbished data by going through File > File Operations > Validate and Repair.

4.     Check on to the Validate file and tap OK.


If it doesn’t install in a Silent Mode either then before reinstalling Quicken, uninstall the firewall and anti-viruses. You can reinstall both your software and the security suite to validate it.

If you are still unable to get access to this program then please Contact Quicken Support so that they can walk into your shoes to troubleshoot and fix it.


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