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recent debate such as Peter Dunton’s call for the legal amendments of visa
limitations to asylum seekers has placed a negative stance on the issue (ref).
With this being used the quick political scape goat, asylum seeker issue has
been used as a way wage the wining strike between the Labor and Liberal party.
Although this still places the topic on the map, the issue becomes more
political than a social matter that affects real people.

asylum seeker face in Australia are based around assumptions and stereotypes.
The image portrayed to the public by the government and the media about asylum
seekers is that they are illegal, ‘queue jumpers’, they are dangerous and that
most of them are theorists. All these are false because under Article 14 of the
Declaration of Human Rights declares that “Everyone has the right to seek
and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution” no
matter what their means of transport to Australia. These individuals are
detained for about two years and during this time their application are being
examined and processed.  Malcolm Fraser
(2002) talks about how out of 2000 asylum seekers who came to Australia 13,00
were rejected on sumptuous grounds and 1 out of 13,00 was based on security
reasons and he came by plan. Therefore, it is invalid to say that most asylum
seekers are terrorists.

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Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is one of a few organisations that tactual theses
challengers faced by asylum seekers. They create campaigns which educated the
public, schools and the wider community about asylum seekers. They aim to
achieve fair legal and policy implications for asylum seekers. With their
campaigns such as ‘Detention Rights Advocacy” which offers support for these
individuals and connects them to legal advice and medical services. They
achieve this by collaborating with the Human Rights Law Program to ensure
people revive representation. 

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