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                  A very pressing issue facing our world is
the effects of climate change on human life as we know it. For an alarming
amount of people, climate change isn’t seen as a major problem, but according
to many scientists, it should be much more of a concern. It is interesting and
alarming that more people are not accepting or concerning themselves with the
message of professionals’ facts regarding the one planet we all share. In Naomi
Klein’s This Changes Everything, she
discusses how not addressing the problem does nothing to help the issue either,
further creating the problem itself. This seems to be the case as reflected in
this article’s graphs depicting the further decline of natural resources. Many
scientists have weighed in on the facts while many Americans have continued to ignore

In November 2017, fifteen thousand
scientists from over one hundred different countries addressed the serious imposing
threat of climate change for the second time (Lent), but hardly anyone seems to
take these concerns to heart. In a world full of information, it is easy for
such important news to be swallowed up in this technological age as updates
constantly come to us through smartphones and the internet. However, news like
this doesn’t seem to be front page material. According to scientists, the overconsumption
of resources is quickly causing biodiversity loss, a decline of freshwater
resources, ocean dead zones, and CO2 emissions bringing on major temperature
changes (Lent). These major changes could cause life altering effects that may
be too late to stop as the trajectory continues to decline.

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            One issue largely stands in the way
of resolving this climate disasters: capitalism. The demand for more and more
consumerism continues to be a burden on earth’s resources, and investing in big
companies that turn major profit doesn’t always invest in the environment. In
2016, climate change was only covered for a measly fifty minutes by all U.S.
networks news services (Lent). This is a frightening realization for the
hottest year on record in addition to the U.S. government’s negative position
on the Paris agreement. Capitalism holds a great stake in the reasoning behind
this. Today most major U.S. media sources are controlled by a handful of large
corporations, which mainly focus on turning profit. Rather than focusing on the
public good, when the focus turns to the dollar, advocating for the environment
isn’t popular among advertising revenue bought by major fossil fuel and agribusiness
companies (Lent). The irony in this is that they are responsible for a great
deal of the problems causing climate change itself.

            These reports by scientific
professionals and the reaction by news outlets and the public are quite
concerning. We all depend on the earth for survival, but maintaining its
resources doesn’t seem to be a large concern for a great majority of its
inhabitants. I believe it would be majorly beneficial for more media sources to
report vigilantly on the importance of the environment and the issues that are
continually arising that need to be fixed. If it’s a problem that affects us
all, we should all address it with action.


Jeremy. “What Will It Really Take to Avoid Collapse.” Millennium
Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere, Standford, 2 Jan. 2018,


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