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About ZOA

ZOA is an international relief and recovery
organization supporting vulnerable people affected by violent conflicts and
natural disasters in fragile states, by helping them to realize dignified and
resilient lives.

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ZOA operates in more than 15 countries, in difficult
locations where our field staff directly provides assistance to the most
vulnerable victims of displacement. The countries in which ZOA is present are
Afghanistan, Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kurdistan Region of Iraq,
Liberia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Uganda and


ZOA is active in insecure and volatile regions:
serving Syrian refugees in the Middle East, uprooted people in war-torn South
Sudan, displaced Yezidis in Northern Iraq and South Sudanese refugees in
Ethiopia, to name a few


What we do

ZOA works in fifteen countries on three continents in
Relief and Rehabilitation.

Our Disaster Response programmes aim to address short
term needs. In our Rehabilitation programmes, we aim for inclusive programming
and we endeavour to encourage structural and sustainable change.


Programmes worldwide

ZOA works in fragile states, supporting people who are
affected by violent conflict and natural disasters, with a focus on livelihoods
and food security, WASH, basic education, peacebuilding and shelter. In essence,
ZOA works to ensure positive change at community level by supporting women,
men, girls and boys to realise dignified and resilient lives.


Disaster Response

The fragile countries we work in are often prone to
substantial natural or conflict-related disaster. When this happens in a
country where ZOA is already involved in longer term rehabilitation programmes,
relief can be embedded within the country programme. In areas where ZOA is not
involved and has no plans to do so, ZOA can decide to provide relief and set up
disaster response operations, adding value because we are an experienced
partner in the implementation of relief programmes in areas affected by
conflict and natural disaster.


ZOA implements relief activities preferably by working alongside local partners
or through international partners with a proven track record. If local capacity
is limited or lacking, ZOA can make disaster response capacity available, while
at the same time seeking active collaboration with partners. New strategic
alliances are also established with international partners seeking
implementation capacity in disaster response initiatives outside regular ZOA


Short term involvement
Depending on the nature and magnitude of the disaster, ZOA’s involvement in
disaster response programmes may last up to three years. These programmes are
under direct supervision of ZOA Netherlands. In order to maintain an
appropriate balance in our programmes and to fulfill our dual mandate of relief
and recovery, the combined volume of disaster response programmes is limited to
a maximum of 25% of ZOA’s total activities.


Disaster Response Unit
To increase ZOA’s disaster response capacity a Disaster Response Unit (DRU) was
created in 2011. The DRU enables us to provide relief for a maximum of three
years in countries where ZOA has no long term presence. Besides relief aid and
shelter, the unit is involved in all sectors ZOA works in (livelihoods, WASH
and education).

Having this special unit allows for an increase in
disaster response involvement without affecting the long term programmes.
Support is provided to country teams, based on their request, in managing
disaster response activities embedded in regular country programmes.



ZOA is funded by more than 40,000 private donors in
the Netherlands, by institutional partners, partner organizations and third
party activities. Within the group of private donors, we receive funds of
private donors, business ambassadors, major donors, companies, funds, churches
and schools. 

ZOA will maintain a level of private funding of at
least 25% of all income. 


Institutional Donors
ZOA receives institutional funding from several governments and other
organizations, like the Dutch government, European Union institutions, United
States governmental institutions, United Nations institutions and the
Australian government.

Dutch government  

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BuZa)

European Union


United States Government

Department of
State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM)
USAID, Office for
Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA)

Australian Government


United Nations Organisations


Own funding

ZOA Business

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