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Abstract— A novel compact shorted patch ON body antenna for
wearable application is proposed. The antennas consists of a microstrip fed
shorted patch  with a circular slot inserted in the
ground plane. More than 30 dB increase in path gain is observed for the proposed
antenna compared to reference antennas in the  Into body mode. Simulations and experiments are carried out by making
phantom model corresponding to human tissues.


Keywords—Antenna; Into
body mode; Wearable communication.

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antennas are making huge impact on healthcare technology by improving patient
healthcare. Mainly wearable antennas are used in three modes, ON body, OFF body
and Into body. ON body mode is used to communicate with other devices placed on
the body while OFF body mode is used for communicating with other devices placed
outside body. On the other hand into body mode is used for communicating with
implantable devices placed inside the body 1.

Off body performance of wearable antennas
has been investigated thoroughly for UWB communication systems that operates
between 3.1 GHz and 10.6GHz 2 and for applications in the 868 MHz frequency
band 3. Many researches have been conducted about on body antennas
communicating with other on body devices and off body devices as well 4-5.
Some works have been reported about on body antennas communicating with implant
for UWB applications 6. But very few works have been reported about on body
antennas communicating with the implant in the 2.38 GHz ISM band, important
band in medical applications.

 Microstrip patch antennas (MPA) are suitable candidate
for on body applications due to small size, light weight, easy conformability
to integrated circuits and so on. Narrow bandwidth of a
MPA can be improved by using shorted patch microstrip antennas (SMPA). SMPA for
over the body communication at 2.4GHz is presented in 7. In the present work,
we modified SMPA in 7 to cater to new needs of wearable technology. Proposed Circular
slot SMPA (SMPA-CS) is successful in achieving more than 30 dB increase in path
gain in the Into body mode compared to reference designs. The simple and
compact structure of the antenna makes it a promising candidate among On body
wearable antennas.

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