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The electric vehicle a relatively new concept in the
world of the automotive industry.This paper
presents a significant improvement in vehicle control technique for industrial
vehicle motor drive to enable the drive to work satisfactorily over a wide
range of speed and controlling in industrial purpose. Project gives the
significant working of vehicle in all the three axis rotation and automatic
controlling of vehicle and speed control will be followed. Due to
problem cause in gasoline engine on the environment and people the automotive
industry has turn to electric power vehicle.  This project explain how on electric vehicle
work and compare the electric vehicle to the internal combustion engine and
hybrid vehicle the project provide some of the advantages and disadvantages of
the electric vehicle in addition a brief future view of the technology is given
.in this project we are use GSM module as point of view craze day to day life
of mobile handling and use.GSM module are seen location of vehicles at that
time and various problem solve hence we are used GSM module

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vehicle with combustion engine electric vehicle do not produce exhaust gases
during operation.

alone makes electric vehicle more eco-friendly than vehicle with conventional
technology, however the electric energy for charging the vehicle does have to
be produces from renewable sources eg. From wind, solar, by combining different
drive types the overall efficiency of the vehicle can be improved and fuel
consumption can be reduced.

axis multi control electrical vehicles have gained popularity in recent times
because these vehicles have most important in upcoming days because these
vehicles do not need high awareness. Because this vehicles are called automatic
control vehicle.

there is suitable  nature and are being
used in wide spectrum of applications such as domestic equipments, automobiles,
information technology equipment, power tools, defence equipment, medical and
healthcare equipment and vision & sound equipment.

possess desirable features such as high efficiency, fast response, light
weight, precise and accurate control, high reliability, maintenance free
operation, high power density and reduced size.

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