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The paper reviews on the impact of
sustainable education in todays’ VUCA world. The SEBI (Security and Exchange
Board of India) on August 13th 2012 introduced ESG (Environment,
Social and Governance) by and making a mandate inclusion of Business
Responsibility Reports (BR Reports) as a part of annual reports for the listed
entities. SEBI has provided numerous guidelines to listed companies to impart
good Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance; however is it
really helping to maintain the balance.

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The world today is focusing on making
profits, but businesses never focused on sustainable development.
Sustainability by definition is to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
However sustainability plays even a bigger role in today’s world where
sustainability means avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order
to maintain an ecological balance. Businesses are being thought to make profits,
but at the cost of the environment. For e.g. all the OPEC nations and the
companies involved in oil production focus on the profits by extracting crude
oil, but oil companies never focus on the emissions that are causing global
warming around the world. Because of this the society is also affected and
there is no governance to check this act.

The paper focuses on teachers and their
impact towards imparting sustainable education. By doing this research, the
researcher could find out on whether the education of today is helping the
student to build a sustainable world or are we building a world that is heading
towards the dooms’ day.

Keywords: ESG,
Environment, Social, Governance, Sustainability, Education.



Education today has become an essential
tool to understand sustainability and make the public aware of the various
needs for sustainability. We as a society are moving towards sustainable
development. Our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi also supports sustainable
development and says that it is our responsibility to look after it. “We
in India have always believed in sustainability. For us, the law of nature
holds great value. If we all observe it, then many man-made laws will not be
required. A path becomes sustainable, if all stakeholders are benefitted,”
said Prime Minister Modi while addressing the International Conference on Rule
of Law for supporting 2030 Development Agenda. (5)

Unfortunately the public awareness is
very less about sustainability and the companies imparting sustainability in
their organisations aren’t doing enough to build a sustainable environment. In
fact organisations also feel that why educators are not moving towards making
this as a curriculum for the learners. Educators need to teach sustainability
to today’s generation. With the population growing and is about to cross
billion people in the coming future and the limited supply of natural resources
available education on sustainable development has even become a greater concern
for the people today.

The world today we see is a VUCA world
full of chaos. The VUCA concept was first introduced by the U.S. military after
the end of the Cold War to describe the conditions of a world ever more
difficult to predict and rely on, shaped by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity
and Ambiguity.

Volatility: Something
which changes or is likely to change is referred to as being volatile. Volatile
is a term highly used in chemistry for substances which change from solid to
vapour state. In general terms we refer to stock markets being highly volatile i.e.
suddenly they go down or up. Just today i.e. on 11-01-2018 the market hit 7
years high reaching a 34450. (4)

Situation where the current state of knowledge is such that the order and
nature of things is unknown, the consequences, extent or magnitude of
circumstances, conditions or events is unpredictable, and credible
probabilities to possible outcomes cannot be assigned. Although too much
uncertainty is undesirable, manageable uncertainty provides the freedom to make
creative decisions. (6)

Complexity: The
quality or state of not being simple. (7)

Ambiguity: Ambiguity
comes from the Latin ambiguous, which was formed by combining ambi – meaning
both and agere to drive. Something which does not have a clear meaning is

The Perfect Storm, by Sebastian
describes of how in the year 1991 a super storm was created by an incredible
rare combination of three weather systems. Very few people took note of the
weather alerts from the National Weather Service’s seriously. The perfect storm
killed all the crew members on the boat, Andrea Gail, causing destructions on the
eastern coastline worth $200 Million.

The three forces that create a perfect storm are (Hollingworth, 2016)




People: With the population of the world reaching
close to 7 billion people and almost 61% (1) of the
population resides in Asia. India and China are the largest contributors of the
population in Asia. Vast variety of religion, caste, culture and traditions are
the driving forces are the storm. Also understanding the fact that the wealth
distribution is highly uncommon as Asia stands number 6th in the GDP per capita
listing (2). This creates a high
amount of inequality amongst the world population with the maximum wealth is
hold up in North America. The number of people having access to information is
the highest in Asia at a staggering rate of 49.7 % of the world population (3).

Places: As we speak the world population is coming
closer, thanks to the growing use of internet world wide. Places seem to feel
closer since the advancement and cheaper transportation costs worldwide.  Travellers seeking new places to explore.

Technology: Computers have been in reach of every
individual today. Being connected to internet accessing social networking
websites and connecting virtually to friends and family is the trend of today’s

12 years ago we also faced a similar situation in
Mumbai when on 26th July 2005 faced a severe cloudburst and the rain fall went
over 900 mm for a span of 24 hours and did not stop. The city of Mumbai came to
a standstill and caused damages worth millions and lives of hundreds. “It was
water logging due to poor drainage and fast disappearing mangroves and forest
cover.” (8) Various reasons were
put forth stating that plastic bags caused the Mithi River to clog. We learned
from our experiences of how important it to save the mangroves.

Education for Sustainable Development:

“Sustainable development recognizes that growth must
be both inclusive and environmentally sound to reduce poverty and build shared
prosperity for today’s population, and to continue to meet the needs of future
generations.” (9)

Sustainable development imparts development of systems
which can bring environmental stability without affecting the need of the
future generations. One classic example of sustainable development done by Mr
Sonam Wangchuk in Ladakh, India. Students need to be educated Sustainable
development taking this example, about the scarcity of water in the hilly
regions of the Ladakh. The water scarcity lead to Mr Sonam Wangchuk was the
formation of the “Ice Stupa” which is formed by a method of glacier grafting
technique to store water inside during winters and use them during summers when
there is scarcity. (10)

Sustainable education needs to be imparted to the
generation of today. This can be achieved in the following ways.

Improving the basic education: the first priority is
to improve the basic education of the country. In India the basic education is
given to pupils till the age of 15 years after which they decide to pick up an
education which would help them in getting a job. The literacy rate in the
country has gone up to 74 % but the drop in the literacy rate is not matched
with the increasing population of India. The fact is that the children enrolled
in the primary schools have increased by just 1.86 crores and the upper primary


What is
sustainable development?

Sustainable development is an ability to
meet the human needs off today without compromising the future needs. The world
is falling short of resources ,economy is are trying to survive  and how 
they can build a prosperous nation 
and  the constant pressure  from various environmental agencies  has given her eyes  for us to understand a feasible solution  that would be equally good  for the generation of today  without compromising  any of the needs  for the future generations to come.

The United Nations has pointed out 17 goals
which should be implemented in order to achieve sustainable development they
are (11)

End poverty in
all its forms everywhere.

End hunger
achieves food security and improved nutrition and promotes sustainable

Ensure healthy
lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages.

Ensure inclusive
and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Achieve gender
equality and empower all women and girls.

Insurances to
water and sanitation for all.

Ensure access to
affordable reliable sustainable and modern energy for all.

inclusive and sustainable economic growth employment and decent work for all.

Build re-silent
infrastructure promote sustainable industrialization and Foster innovation.

10.  Reduce inequality within and among countries.

11.  Make cities inclusive safe re-silent and sustainable.

12.  Ensure sustainable consumption and production

13.  Take urgent action to combat climate change and its

14.  Conserve and sustainably use the Oceans Sea and
Marine resources.

15.  Sustainably manage forests combat desertification
halt and reverse Land Degradation halt biodiversity loss.

16.  Promote just peaceful and inclusive societies.

17.  Revitalize the Global partnership for sustainable


Goal 1 end
poverty in all its form everywhere:
With the world population coming close to 7 billion people there are
approximately 767 million people who earn less than $2 a day and 10% of the
world’s work force is earning less than $2 per day this population is highly
scene in countries like Southern Asia and sub Saharan Africa because of this
high poverty.

Goal 2 and
hunger achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable
agriculture : Today our
agriculture  is severely degraded  in the sense 
that  highly poisonous Chemicals
are used  as fertilizers  which unfortunately enter in the food
chain  a part of Sustainable
agriculture  should focus on  without causing a problem to the environment  how can clean agricultural be carried out.

Goal 3 ensure
healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages: research says that more than 6 million children
die before their 5th birthday is here but it is also true that measles
vaccination have averted nearly 15.6 million deaths maternal mortality Has Fallen
by almost 50% since 1990 HIV infections have declined by 58% since 200 the
objective is to promote good health for all citizens Of all the countries

Goal 4  ensure inclusive and quality education for
all and promote lifelong learning :
we have seen a considerable rise in education in India in the past few
decades  more and more people are become
conscious of education  and make sure
that the children are educated  tell
primary education  however  this is not possible  for everyone 
there are a lot of countries  who
still face severe education shortages 
Like an example of sub Saharan Africa where more than half of children
have not enrolled in the school yet another conflicting areas an estimated 50%
of out of school children I’m not able to get proper education

Goal 5 achieve
gender equality and empower all women and girls: gender equality is one of the most pressing issues
in today’s India a girl is not given the same privileges as the one that a boy receives
in almost every Indian household girls are not given the right for education in
most of the rural parts in India and there is a tremendous rise in crime
against women across India

Goal 6 ensure
access to water and sanitation for all :
The movie toilet  is an excellent example
of  how sanitation is important in
India  with  Limited access to fresh water  and the growing population of India  sanitation has caused  numerous deaths  across the rural parts. India has numerous
supplies of freshwater from its rivers however rivers are highly contaminated
from majority of industrial wastes as well as human one of the biggest river in
India is the Ganges which is supposed to be one of the most polluted river in
the world efforts are being taken to improve the quality of water in these
rivers but the immense pollution is causing these rivers to go bad

Goal 7 to ensure
access to affordable reliable sustainable and modern energy for all: Our everyday lives depend on reliable and
affordable energy services to functions movie and to develop equitably for many
decades fossil fuels such a school or oil or gas having major sources of
electricity production but burning carbon fuels reduce large amount of
greenhouse gases which causes climate change and have harmful impact on
people’s well being and the environment.

Goal 8 promote
inclusive and sustainable economic growth and employment and decent work for all: Poverty eradication is only possible through stable
and well-paid jobs nearly 2.2 million people live below us $2 poverty line it
is said that 417 million jobs are needed globally for new entrants to the
labour market between 2016 and 2030 just to keep up with the growth of the
Global working age population.

Goal 9 build resilient
infrastructure promote sustainable industrialisation and Foster innovation : for good economic growth this should be good
infrastructure like rose information technology and communication sanitization
prevention of electricity and water across developing countries more than 2
million people do not have access to reliable phone services and more than 2
million people lack basic sanitation.

Goal 10 reduce
inequality between and among countries:
a lot of countries still believe in equality is based on income sex age
disability sexual orientation race class ethnicity religion and opportunity
these kind of inequalities threaten a long-term social and economic development
and also harms poverty reduction and destroys people sense of fulfilment of

Goal 11 cities
inclusive safe resilient and sustainable:
The population of India is close to 1.25 million people and cities like Mumbai
have more than 10 crores people living in managing city is at such a large scale
has become difficult taking into account the limited resources available report
says about 2.5 billion people live in cities today And in the future it will
grow too large numbers

Goal 12 ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns : research suggests that  more than 1 trillion dollar worth of food and
supporting in dust bins of customers retailers or is damaged during
transportation  because of poor consumption  there is approximate 29% of global energy
Consumed  and  21% result in Carbon monoxide emissions

Goal 13 take
urgent action to combat climate change and its impact: India has faced severe issues related to climate change
in term of the heavy rains that hit Mumbai to the flooding of East Bengal and
the various other regions in India the world has also seen tremendous change in
climatic conditions right from the West Coast of America which was hit by the
Katrina hurricane damaging millions worth of properties

Goal 14 conserve
and sustainably use the oceans Seas and Marine resources: Life below the water matters oceans provide key
natural resources including food medicines bio fuels and other products The
Marine environment is also a home for the stunning variety of beautiful
creatures reading from single celled organisms to the world’s biggest animal
ever lived on this earth that is the blue whale

Goal 15   Sustainably manage forests combat
desertification halt and reverse Land Degradation hot biodiversity loss :Deforestation kills deforestation  Candy to some of the worst disasters  around 1.6 million people depend on forest
for their livelihood also  there are huge
number of animal breeds known  to be
found in forests  who are almost at the
risk of extinction deforestation  is
leading to  which climatic changes  and also reading  to Soil erosion

Goal 16 promote
just peaceful and inclusive societies:
peaceful countries are a necessity for sustainable development across the world
border tensions as well as war with neighbouring countries could lead to poor
development across Nations promotion of free speech is a must to enable
sustainable development for these countries

Goal 17
revitalize the Global partnership for sustainable development: the general secretary of United Nations Ban Ki Moon
says to successfully implement the 2013 agenda for sustainable development we
must move from commitments to action to do that we need strong inclusive and
integrated partnership at all levels.

Sustainable development needs to be
incorporated within and education system  
without which the countries will collapse and the environment will fall
to do this a series of steps could be suggested to implement sustainable
education in this volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous world which we also
referred to as the world.

Academicians can
look into improving Awareness of poverty 
and so on how can science help in reducing poverty across the world  this could be achieved by using  various new scientific techniques  which can help  in changing lives  for example 
use of science  to implement  cleaner and safer  drinking water  in those countries  where is a must.

Students can go
ahead and start a various campaigns related to zero hunger Also awareness could
be created to support local farmers Markets and making sustainable food the
choice  for all as a consumer  students can vote  to fight against  food wastage 
and demanding policies  which
good  make  zero hunger 

Various programs
can be carried out To raise Awareness of AIDS cancer also communities could be
informed about good life and how to improve health of oneself and the people
around them students can also seek help from government or local leaders and
make them accountable for improving the health conditions in the country.

We can ask the
government to make education as a Priority also private sector could be
requested to invest resources in the development of Infrastructures and facilities
that could deliver quality education to the local communities lobbying could be
done at a government level to make primary education absolutely free of cost.

Women teachers
and women students can come forward and empower other female students for the rights
male members can also do achieve gender equality by walking alongside women and
enabling a healthy respectful relationship.

Technology can
be used to develop clean water and improve sanitation also various awareness
could be raised promoting clean water students can get involved in the World
Water Day and the world toilet day campaigns that talk about various hygiene

Awareness could
be created about sustainable energy Technologies like solar power would be
developed to replace the existing source of energy also various campaigns could
be carried out improve the efficiency of the electrical devices used in homes
alternate modes of transportation could be suggested within campuses or cities
to reduce pollution.

The youth of
today should be provided with the best opportunity to transition to a decent job
this should be provided with a level playing field so that they can attain
productive employment irrespective of the gender income level of social
economic background.

The public sector
can collaborate with education institutes to help promote sustainable growth
within developing countries.

10.  Reducing inequality 
Is a Mammoth task  which
requires  transformative change  however Government and other
stakeholders  can look food into
this  and provide solutions  on various ways  to reduce inequality  and promote 
inclusive social and economic growth.

11.  Student bodies can take an active interest  in the governance and management of the
cities in which they live  teachers can
also interact  with  the municipal corporation  To suggest them  practices 
that could help in bringing 
sustainable City. 

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